Freedom, Responsibility, and Tacos: Why Compatibilism Is [NOT] True

It seems some of my comments have been the source of much confusion. Sometimes, something can be so clear in one’s head, yet one fails to communicate exactly what is in one’s head. I seem to be guilty of this regarding some of my claims about compatibilism. Although many have let me know that they … Continue reading Freedom, Responsibility, and Tacos: Why Compatibilism Is [NOT] True

“How Can God Know?” A Response to James White

I recently responded to James White’s video discussing William Lane Craig. Not only did White summarize his discussion with Craig, he also brought up me, myself, and I. So, I decided to “go live” on YouTube and discuss White’s comments — specifically his claim that he had a “fatal objection” to Molinism. To watch my … Continue reading “How Can God Know?” A Response to James White

James White’s FATAL Objection to Molinism

Question Hey Dr. Stratton, As you know, James White and William Lane Craig had a discussion on Justin Brierly’s Unbelievable show on Monday (11-29-21). Although this conversation has not yet been made public (it’s being released on 12-3-21), Dr. White made a video summarizing the debate. White made many claims in this video. The one … Continue reading James White’s FATAL Objection to Molinism

An Argument Supporting the Incompatibility Thesis

The majority of my time seems to be spent arguing against deterministic world views and for the proposition that humans possess libertarian freedom. I then seek to demonstrate how human freedom in a libertarian sense is evidence pointing to the existence of God. In fact, I contend that the biblical view of God is the … Continue reading An Argument Supporting the Incompatibility Thesis

Please Support FreeThinking Ministries

Each year my hometown does a big fundraiser for the non-profits based in the area. This year the Give Where You Live fundraising event will be held on Thursday, December 2, 2021, from midnight to midnight. We have a $10,000+ matching opportunity, so, for every dollar a person uses to support FTM, it magically becomes … Continue reading Please Support FreeThinking Ministries

Molinism and Powersets

Objection: Here’s an objection to Molinism that was shared on the Mere Molinism Facebook group: “By the way, Molinism is probably self-contradictory if we define a “possible world” as a “maximally consistent set of propositions,” so we need to be clear what we mean by “possible worlds” when discussing Molinism. Here’s why: 1. Let’s call … Continue reading Molinism and Powersets

Biblical Identity Meets Gender

Everyone wants to be special, set apart and significant.  One of the ways this manifests itself in our culture is through the concept of gender identity.  This is a real issue that many people struggle with in our society and should be taken seriously. However, it has also become a social trend. For instance, a … Continue reading Biblical Identity Meets Gender

Of Truth and Empathy

Have you ever had an interaction with someone that left you speechless?  It goes something like this: “I just don’t think that’s right.” “Are you serious?  Wow… Aren’t you supposed to be Christian?  Show some empathy or compassion, isn’t that what Jesus would do!?” Pick the topic – abortion, eternal life, race, identity and a … Continue reading Of Truth and Empathy

Rationality Argument Against EDD: A Matter of Life and Death

It is far too common to see many former church-goers today identify as an “ex-vangelical” or proclaim that they have “deconstructed” from the Christian faith. These are folks who were raised in the Church, but are now leaving the Church. This is a concern.  There are several factors contributing to this movement.[1] I believe, however, … Continue reading Rationality Argument Against EDD: A Matter of Life and Death

Squid Game – A Summary & Worldview Analysis

**Warning: This analysis contains major spoilers** (This review is for people who watched Squid Game and are needing to process what they watched and for people who do not intend to watch it but want to know how to have conversations about it.) “Squid Game,” the Korean show that has serious Hunger Games energy, is … Continue reading Squid Game – A Summary & Worldview Analysis

Molinism and Alleged Loops

Introduction Philip Swenson has recently offered an argument against Molinism. Although he opposes determinism and is a fellow libertarian freedom-fighter, he does not believe that God possesses middle knowledge. Thus, he believes that Molinism is false.  I have argued, however, that Swenson’s view is extremely similar to “Mere Molinism.” The Mere Molinist merely affirms both … Continue reading Molinism and Alleged Loops

Once Saved Always Saved

Question Hey Dr. Stratton, I love your site and content. I am planning on reading your book soon. In the meantime I need your perspective on something. I love the MMA syllogism and the articles you’ve written on the subject of Molinism making the most sense of all the biblical data. But as someone who … Continue reading Once Saved Always Saved

The “Theory” of Critical Racists

Dear KPS School Board, In a sense, it is your job to “legislate” morality. The question is: whose morality are you going to force upon the people – and the children – of Kearney, NE? Where do you get your morality? From where do you decide how to legislate how the citizens of Kearney ought … Continue reading The “Theory” of Critical Racists

Dr. Strange, Dr. Stratton, and Dr. Swenson

Philip Swenson was recently interviewed by Jordan Hampton on the Analytic Christian YouTube channel. Although Swenson’s goal was to argue against Molinism, I must admit that the two of us have much in common. Swenson, for example, is a fellow libertarian freedom fighter. On this vital issue we both agree and stand side by side … Continue reading Dr. Strange, Dr. Stratton, and Dr. Swenson

3 Reasons Why Exhaustive Divine Determinism (EDD) Is Not Redundant

Question Dear Dr. Stratton, JD Martin has said that saying “exhaustive Divine determinism” (EDD) is redundant (“they don’t know what they’re talking about” he says) because on determinism everything is causally determined (I tend to agree it is redundant). I know that you have sought to make a distinction as you explain “Mere Molinism”, etc.  … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Exhaustive Divine Determinism (EDD) Is Not Redundant

3 Reasons Why Jesus Is The Only Way

Sermon Outline Riddle me this: What’s black and white and RED all over? I remember the first time my dad posed that question to me when I was a young child. Even as a little boy – untrained in philosophy – I knew something was amiss. I intuitively understood that if something was literally black … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Jesus Is The Only Way

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