“I first met Tim Stratton when he was a student in a graduate level course I taught at Biola. He impressed me as being a very bright young man. I have been delighted to keep in touch with Tim ever since and have seen him grow exponentially in knowledge and in his teaching skills. Tim has a lot to offer the Body of Christ and I commend him most highly to groups from college-aged and on up. I predict that Tim will become one of the major figures in the world of Christian apologetics.”

Michael Licona, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Theology
Houston Baptist University

“Tim Stratton, Tim Fox, and the team at FreeThinking Ministries put on display all the best of thoughtful Christian engagement.  Not only are they deeply knowledgable in the field of apologetics, but they are attractive and winsome ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the apologetics ministry that you want to invite into your church to train vibrant believers and that you want to support as they go into hostile intellectual territory–like secular university campuses–to bring truth that is always spoken in love.”
Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Director of the MA Program in Christian Apologetics
Biola University
Author of Five Sacred Crossings
“Apologetics training is critical for churches today. I am thrilled to see the efforts of the team at FreeThinking Ministries to both equip and challenge the church in this important endeavor. They have firsthand experience with students, a solid grasp of contemporary culture, and top-rate apologetics training to back it up. This is a resource you will want to take advantage of.”
Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University
Speaker and author of over 15 books including The Fate of the Apostles 

“The world around us is changing so rapidly and many Christians are fearful of the attacks on Biblical truth in our culture. Rather than facing these attacks on the next generation with fear, we are called to be men and women of truth and run toward the sound of the battle. As a pastor it can be overwhelming to face this task of arming believers in Jesus Christ with an articulate, intelligent voice for biblical Christianity. Free Thinking Ministries and Pastor Tim Stratton are uniquely equipped to come alongside the local pastor and the church to arm God’s people for the challenging days in which we live. I have seen this firsthand as I have served with Tim and witnessed his knowledge, passion and calling to communicate truth with boldness and love. I’ve seen the fruit and love this ministry!”

Pastor Michael Shields
Trinity Church, Lakeville, MN


“I give my unqualified endorsement to the work of Tim Stratton and his FreeThinking Ministries. Tim’s blogs effectively tackle a wide variety of the most important challenges to the Christian faith facing evangelical churches in general and evangelical youth in particular. His responses to the New Atheists and their popularizers expose the intellectual bankruptcy of their arguments. Tim’s Facebook presence is very high, seeking to engage non-believers so that they are brought face to face with the weaknesses of their worldview and the strengths of the Christian worldview. In so doing, Tim fortifies the faith of believers while furnishing them a model of how to engage in apologetic conversations with others. FreeThinking Ministries is cutting-edge, revealing how genuine free thinking (the unbridled, unbiased pursuit of reason and evidence toward its ends) leads directly to a saving knowledge of the triune God, the supremely rational knower.”
Dr. Kirk R. MacGregor
Carthage College

“What can I say about Free Thinking Ministries that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone. It will change your life!”

Mike “MoonDog” Burnette

“Reading Tim’s work quickly shows he’s an ‘up and comer’ in the world of Christian Apologetics. His deep grasp of the philosophical arguments along with the way he illuminates the Scriptures is truly a gift from God. Tim is easy to listen to and can make the most difficult philosophical concepts simple to people of all ages. His new venture is sure to bring glory to God’s Kingdom!”

Brian Johnson, South Dakota Apologetics

“There are many benefits to hearing Pastor Tim’s messages. Some are simple, some are phenomenally powerful, and they are all worth your time. He is able to justify his beliefs as a Christian with scientific and historical data that would enable you too, to defend your faith in a meaningful, intelligible, and impactful way. You would not enter a pie making contest with your hands tied behind your back. You would not take an empty pop can rather than a fishing pole in hopes of catching fish. So why would you claim to be a Christian, but not properly prepare yourself to proclaim all of the amazing and factual reasons for your belief in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord? Tim Stratton gives you the tools you need to go out and not only defend your faith reasonably, but powerfully. Every single conversation I have had with Tim, on any topic related to Christianity, has left me even more confident, and happier, in my decision to be a Christian.”

Josh Pierce,
youth group volunteer, Kearney, NE

“I have discussed [many arguments] with Tim over the years. He never got angry with me, he never belittled me, and he took my positions seriously. Although, I was a little off, a little misguided, I challenged him and made him a better thinker and he returned the favor tenfold. For some people the spiritual aspect of theism holds their faith in place, I needed a cognitive road to travel, which lead to my enriched spiritual path. Thank you Tim Stratton, you will never know how important our interactions have been.”

Seth McBride, a *former* atheist, Kearney, NE

“Very few philosophical thinkers have a shepherds heart.  Very few shepherds can think at a high philosophical level.  Tim Stratton has both.  His work on behalf of the church; really on behalf of people of every stripe, is benefitting many.  I personally have been sharpened and equipped by Tim Stratton and the work of Free Thinking Ministries.  These are resources developed and written by a source you can trust.  Whether you come to this site asking questions about faith and philosophy, or you have come to this site seeking help with your crumbling faith, you’ve come to a place and a person who will help.  Without judgement and with the love of Christ, Tim is helping us find answers to some of the most difficult intellectual and emotional questions we ask.”

Adrian Boykin
Lead Pastor
Kearney Evangelical Free Church