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Stop Praying, Read Your Bible, and VOTE!

Don’t merely pray about voting — read your Bible! I’ve talked to a few Christians who are still undecided as to how they will vote in the 2020 election. They have expressed to me that they need to spend “more time in prayer.” While I encourage “praying without ceasing” (1 Thes 5:17), if one merely … Continue reading Stop Praying, Read Your Bible, and VOTE!

The Imperfect Vote

I have serious concerns about Andy Crouch’s article in Christianity Today from several  years ago entitled Speak Truth to Trump excoriating Trump as though he was the anti-christ, not the least of which is the fallacy that all government officials must by their very nature be guilty of idolatry. Since Crouch is bringing this point … Continue reading The Imperfect Vote

Why Christians (Should) Vote for Trump

Question: Dear Dr. Stratton, Based upon your recent Facebook posts, it seems safe to say that you are planning on voting for Trump in the 2020 election. As an atheist, I seriously don’t see how any Christian can vote for Trump. Someone who shows every trait that goes against what a Christian should be. For … Continue reading Why Christians (Should) Vote for Trump

Politics & Thought Experiments: Were Trump’s Tweets Racist?

FreeThinking Ministries is an organization focused on thinking logically. From attaining a proper understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, to how we ought to live and treat one another, we are committed to understanding reality. More importantly, we are committed to communicating the truth about reality to all people. Interestingly, although the individuals … Continue reading Politics & Thought Experiments: Were Trump’s Tweets Racist?

T.R.U.M.P. (5-Point Molinism)

MAKE GOD MAXIMALLY GREAT AGAIN Do not be fooled, God is a maximally great being by definition. He always has been and always will be maximally great (Psalm 145:3). With that said, however, for nearly 500 years many Christians have believed that God is not maximally great! One of the most viewed and controversial articles I … Continue reading T.R.U.M.P. (5-Point Molinism)