3 Reasons to Fight Against “Social Justice”

Question: Dear Dr. Stratton, I have a bone to pick with you. But first let me express my gratitude. I have benefited greatly from your work in theology and apologetics. You have a unique ability to take deep philosophical and academic concepts and make them accessible to the average Joe. Thank you!  Here’s my problem: … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Fight Against “Social Justice”

Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking

Social justice. That sounds great! After all, who would not want justice in the society in which they live? In fact, the Bible has so much to say about justice. Consider a few examples in Scripture beginning with the Old Testament. Proverbs 18:5 — It is not right to acquit the guilty or deny justice … Continue reading Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking


We Need to Talk

Last year I adopted a personal motto regarding apologetics: “Let’s talk about it.” Too many young people are abandoning Christianity because they think the church isn’t listening to them. No one answers the questions they have and the church doesn’t discuss things relevant to them. My answer was for the church to become a safe … Continue reading We Need to Talk

Critical Theory & Christianity

Critical theory is an ideology that is rapidly growing in influence: in the social justice movement, in academia, and in the culture at large. If you’ve ever been told that men cannot make statements about the morality of abortion, or that you should never challenge someone’s ‘lived experience,’ or that you are suffering from ‘internalized … Continue reading Critical Theory & Christianity