Wanda, Westview, and Free Will

A lot can be said about Marvel’s first Disney+ series, WandaVision (Spoilers ahead!), from its weird, off-putting sitcom beginning to the broader impact the series’ events will have on the MCU. But, being that we’re named FreeThinking Ministries, obviously we have to talk about what WandaVision confirms to us about free will. This show isn’t … Continue reading Wanda, Westview, and Free Will

Yoda & K-2: Semi-Compatibilism & Responsibility

Recently a friend of mine — a philosophy professor who believes humans possess libertarian freedom — posted a question on social media directed to Christians. He asked: “If you had to choose between the two, would you rather be a Calvinist (compatibilist version) or an open theist?” I quickly responded with the following: “The ironic … Continue reading Yoda & K-2: Semi-Compatibilism & Responsibility

Libertarian Freedom Fighters

Nothing fascinates me more than investigating evidence for the existence of God. I have spent the past seven years of my life devoting multiple hours every day examining this data and related issues. One of these related issues is that of free will. Though this has been the subject of debate for centuries — among Christians and … Continue reading Libertarian Freedom Fighters