Practical Rationality & Middle Knowledge

In a forthcoming paper entitled Does the Purpose Theory of the Meaning of Life Entail an Irrational God, I defend the Purpose Theory (PT) of the meaning of human life. PT is the position that God’s telic creation of human beings is a necessary condition for human life to be objectively meaningful. My defense of … Continue reading Practical Rationality & Middle Knowledge

What Professor Asma Doesn’t Give Us About What Religion Gives Us

Abstract: In this paper, I critique Professor Asma’s article What Religion Gives Us (That Science Can’t). I raise a three-fold objection to his claim that religion is irrational, followed by three related points of assessment. In short, I argue that his claim that religion is irrational is unwarranted. Introduction In What Religion Gives Us (That Science … Continue reading What Professor Asma Doesn’t Give Us About What Religion Gives Us

Deliberation Requires Liberation

The Freethinking Argument Against Naturalism is a staple at FreeThinking Ministries and a great way to show naturalists that we have good reason to think there is more to reality than just the stuff scientists can test and discover. The original 8-step argument is also a good conversation starter about free will. Several versions of … Continue reading Deliberation Requires Liberation

The Vanishing “I”

Question: Tim, you suggest that the determinist would probably think, or be committed to thinking, that either God or nature evaluates our beliefs (one of these is “the ‘thing’ evaluating and judging” our beliefs). But at the same time, you allow that on determinism we have mental states, presumably including these evaluative mental states (about … Continue reading The Vanishing “I”

Why Should Christians Care About Logic?

I was at a Christmas party a few years ago and someone walked up to me and began talking to me about my views on God. At one point in the conversation he asked the age-old question, “Can God make a rock so heavy that he himself can’t lift it?” Among other things, I mentioned … Continue reading Why Should Christians Care About Logic?


The Price of Denying Free Will

Every time I turn around I find someone else denying that humans have free will. From scientists to philosophers to theologians, it’s the cool new trend. We aren’t actually making free choices. We have been programmed either by God or our DNA to act in a certain way and have no choice but to follow … Continue reading The Price of Denying Free Will

Robots & Rationality

Determinists determined to defend determinism often counter the Freethinking Argument by proclaiming that computers seem to be rational and they do not possess libertarian free will. They state this is sufficient refutation of premise (3) of the Freethinking Argument, and therefore, the conclusions: free will exists, the soul exists, and naturalism is false, do not follow. This article exposes … Continue reading Robots & Rationality

Can Evolution Account for Rationality?

The topic of my master’s thesis while at Biola University focused on what it means to genuinely be a “freethinker.” This argument — called the Freethinking Argument Against Naturalism — deductively proves that not only does libertarian free will exist, but so does the human soul. If the human soul exists, then the worldview of naturalism goes … Continue reading Can Evolution Account for Rationality?

A Skeptic’s Journey

I met Tim Stratton almost fifteen years ago, but have recently become friends with him when I developed an interest in philosophy. I attended the first semester of Reasonable Faith UNK and I have always been interested in science, mostly social science academically and philosophy recreationally. I believe my initial draw to Christian Apologetics came from … Continue reading A Skeptic’s Journey

The Freethinking Argument in a Nutshell

Atheists love to label themselves as “freethinkers” because they claim to have no restraints to follow facts wherever they might lead. These so-called freethinkers state that a modern-day atheist is “someone who has heard the claims of various religions, has read the books on which those claims are based, and has found the claims to … Continue reading The Freethinking Argument in a Nutshell