Mathematics and White Supremacy

Historians will look back on the this past year in disbelief. Indeed, it seems that 2020 is on the “wrong side of history.” First the wildfires in Australia, then Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash, then the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, then humanity is sentenced to house arrest (aka, “quarantine”), then Tim Stratton … Continue reading Mathematics and White Supremacy

The Great Commission Is Racist

The Great Commission — what is it? Any Christian worth their salt can quickly tell you about the Great Commission and can share the corresponding chapter and verses at the end of the Gospel of Matthew. Indeed, this single passage is often referenced when defining an “evangelical Christian.”  There are a couple reasons why so … Continue reading The Great Commission Is Racist

An Important Message to White People

Dear fellow white person, I am writing this letter because we seem to have suddenly and abruptly awakened to a world in which we find ourselves being shamed because of the color of our skin. Oddly enough, no matter how much you may have fought against racism in the past, in 2020 you are now … Continue reading An Important Message to White People

Marx Attacks!

If I were to ask you who the most influential philosopher of the 21st Century is, what would your answer be? The correct answer might surprise you.  It is Karl Marx. Karl Marx believed that class struggle would occur naturally on its own without the help of any social engineer. He believed the Communist Revolution … Continue reading Marx Attacks!

A Black Man’s Lament

Here we are in 2020, protesting like it is 1960. We will always have “a long ways to go” when we are constantly re-imaging the past to “explain” what is happening today. We say we are moving forward as we eradicate our past. But how can we move forward if we deconstruct the past — … Continue reading A Black Man’s Lament

White Fragility: A Study in Irrelevance

White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo’s 2018 volume subtitled, “Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” has become the anti-racist Bible for a large reader bloc, and for good reason. DiAngelo is both witty and articulate. Her basic ideological arc is that all white people are racist, whether they want to be or … Continue reading White Fragility: A Study in Irrelevance

Biblical Christianity VS Critical (Race) Theory

Church, we’ve got a problem: Critical Theory (sometimes referred to as Critical Race Theory). This worldview is a growing problem finding its way into the Church. Too many professing Christians today are, willingly or unwillingly, buying into this idea known to have Marxist origins. It’s an attempt to explain and confront power structures in the … Continue reading Biblical Christianity VS Critical (Race) Theory

A Thinking Person’s Guide to Opposing Racism

Today’s anti-racism crusaders have a lot more in common with Malcolm X than Martin Luther King, Jr. They have become so zealous in opposing racism that they see racism in everything—even breakfast cereal. Instead of condemning actual racism, the charge of racism is now used to compel allegiance and silence dissent. No one wants to … Continue reading A Thinking Person’s Guide to Opposing Racism


We Need to Talk

Last year I adopted a personal motto regarding apologetics: “Let’s talk about it.” Too many young people are abandoning Christianity because they think the church isn’t listening to them. No one answers the questions they have and the church doesn’t discuss things relevant to them. My answer was for the church to become a safe … Continue reading We Need to Talk

How to Discover Evidence of Racism

A note from Tim: FreeThinking Ministries opposes and condemns racism in any form or fashion! We affirm that all humans are created equal and in the “image of God.” The primary purpose of FreeThinking Ministries is to “Equip the Church to engage the culture.” With that said, we recognize two (of many) problems in the culture … Continue reading How to Discover Evidence of Racism