Avengers: Infinity War & Possible Worlds

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!! Spoiler Alert!!! Seriously, if you have not yet seen the movie, Avengers: Infinity War, stop reading this and go to the movie theatre and buy a ticket! Then come back and read this article. Consider yourself warned!

Could Adam Avoid the Apple?

Question: “On molinism, is it possible that Adam could have not sinned? If so, then there is a world where Adam was righteous but God didn’t actuate it. If not, then there is no world in which Adam was never able to not sin, and yet God actuated that world. So, did God knowingly actuate … Continue reading Could Adam Avoid the Apple?

Molinism, Identity, & Worlds

Is Molinism truly compatible with the idea of persons in other possible worlds? Can it really be possible that there is a counterfactual truth about me such that “If I were born in the 18th century, I would have sided with the American colonials against the British”?