A Thought Experiment vs “Unjustified” Evil & Suffering

Suppose you awoke tomorrow in a state of affairs in which suffering had ceased. Not only are you no longer experiencing suffering of any kind, but you became aware that all suffering had come to an end. There was no more suffering resulting from moral or natural evil — and even gratuitous animal suffering was … Continue reading A Thought Experiment vs “Unjustified” Evil & Suffering

Gratuitous Evil & Animal Suffering

A common complaint is that unlike science, philosophy does not make any progress. This is completely false. Philosophers stand on the shoulders of giants and often improve arguments made by great thinkers of the past. Moreover, academics are often sparked by philosophers of yesteryear to craft related, but different, arguments demonstrating the way things are (ultimate reality). Alvin … Continue reading Gratuitous Evil & Animal Suffering

Natural Evil & Perfect Being Theology

Many atheists exclaim that the existence of natural evil leading to suffering (gratuitous or otherwise) is proof that God does not exist. Is this a logically valid objection? Here’s something to think about: (1) Evil is privation of good (metaphysical evil) (2) Absence of good is evil; to a degree that something is not perfect, … Continue reading Natural Evil & Perfect Being Theology