Craig v. White: A Lay Person’s Perspective

I am not a Calvinist.  I am not a Molinist.  I am not an Arminian. However, my life, theology, and ministry has been shaped by giants of the faith in all three of these realms.  Two such giants joined Justin Brierley to discuss which position best explains the problem of evil from a theological perspective … Continue reading Craig v. White: A Lay Person’s Perspective

Droids in Heaven?

Question: Hey Dr. Stratton, In a FB group, Tyler Vela (a well-known internet Calvinist) posted the following question: “Libertarians – will we be robots in the eternal state since we will not be able to sin? (Note: if you make a nature or “we won’t want to” argument then you’re just making the same nature/ultimate … Continue reading Droids in Heaven?


Wanda, Westview, and Free Will

A lot can be said about Marvel’s first Disney+ series, WandaVision (Spoilers ahead!), from its weird, off-putting sitcom beginning to the broader impact the series’ events will have on the MCU. But, being that we’re named FreeThinking Ministries, obviously we have to talk about what WandaVision confirms to us about free will. This show isn’t … Continue reading Wanda, Westview, and Free Will

The Best Kind of Love

Question: Dear Dr. Stratton,  In your interview with Jorge Gil on Cross Examined’s Hope One, you attempted to answer “all the problems of evil” by appealing to love. In fact, you said that “the best kind of love requires libertarian free will.”  Surely this is false, for I can think of a counter-example that clearly … Continue reading The Best Kind of Love

A Rational Presuppositional Approach to Free Will

I met Tim Stratton when he reached out to me after reading my book Reason and Proper Function: A Response to Alvin Plantinga. He enthusiastically let me know that the argument I presented in that book supports a version of libertarian freedom that he endorses. At first, I wondered “what did I write to support … Continue reading A Rational Presuppositional Approach to Free Will

Thanos vs. Avengers

God’s Endgame

As you can tell, we at FreeThinking Ministries are huge superhero fans. Aside from being fun, superhero stories offer great learning opportunities about moral and even theological issues. Case in point, Stratton’s latest article on Avengers: Endgame about the problem of evil. (If you haven’t read it yet, you should go do that before reading … Continue reading God’s Endgame

3 Circles & ALL the Problems of Evil

Why would God allow moral evil? For example, why would God allow Hitler to torture and murder millions of Jews in the horrors of Nazi concentration camps? Why would God allow natural evil? For example, why would God allow hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis that kill and cause so much suffering? Why would God allow what … Continue reading 3 Circles & ALL the Problems of Evil

Crowd of NPCs

We’re All NPCs

It has become trendy in some circles to refer to people with certain political views as NPCs. In video game lingo, an NPC is a “nonplayable character,” a character that is not controlled by any player. They can be extremely simple or intricate and complex, but they are still mindless characters who solely follow their … Continue reading We’re All NPCs

Does True Love Require Libertarian Free Will? A Response to Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl is one of my favorite apologists and theological thinkers. I have been reading his blogs and listening to his podcasts for years. His book “Tactics” is one that all Christians who care about evangelism should own. In my professional opinion, Koukl’s ministry, Stand To Reason, is one of the best resources available to … Continue reading Does True Love Require Libertarian Free Will? A Response to Greg Koukl

Molinism and Natural Evil

Many people today know of the free will defense to the problem of Moral Evil and that Molinism reconciles Gods sovereignty with Mans Free will. However not as many would be familiar with the Free Process Defense or Molinism’s reconciliation of Gods Sovereignty and Genuine Randomness in Nature. My goal today is to give a … Continue reading Molinism and Natural Evil