Deliberation Requires Liberation

The Freethinking Argument Against Naturalism is a staple at FreeThinking Ministries and a great way to show naturalists that we have good reason to think there is more to reality than just the stuff scientists can test and discover. The original 8-step argument is also a good conversation starter about free will. Several versions of … Continue reading Deliberation Requires Liberation

Can We Sensibly Believe in Determinism and Deliberate?

As I reflect on the last twenty years of my life, I’m struck by how much my theological outlook has changed. This is especially the case regarding my view of Divine providence. For sixteen years, I was a theological determinist; that is to say, I believed that God causally determined everything that came to pass, … Continue reading Can We Sensibly Believe in Determinism and Deliberate?

Can We Choose Our Beliefs?

Am I responsible for my beliefs or does something else impose them upon me? What do you believe? How do you know those beliefs you hold are any good (let alone true)? Many philosophers, scientists, and theologians today reject the idea that humans can ever make genuine choices. I freely think they are wrong as it sure seems as … Continue reading Can We Choose Our Beliefs?