What in the Possible Worlds is Molinism?

What might come as a surprise to many today is that Christ followers have a rich history of grappling with big questions. One question in particular has consumed the minds of Christians for centuries: “If God is in control over all things, how are humans really free and responsible for anything, and if humans are … Continue reading What in the Possible Worlds is Molinism?

Arminianism vs Molinism

I once had the pleasure of interacting with Arminian theologian, Dr. Jack Cottrell. Many Arminians also claim to be Molinists. In fact, many scholars believe that Arminius was a Molinist! Cottrell, however, is an Arminian who opposes Molinism. Here is a sampling of our online debate. Hi Jack, I sincerely thank you for adding me … Continue reading Arminianism vs Molinism

Counterfactuals & the Big Three

When talking about Molinism and its relation to the other major views of God’s sovereignty, omniscience and human freedom it seems there is much confusion on the issue of true counterfactuals of creaturely freedom (CCF’s from here on). Namely, God’s knowledge of what would be the case if circumstances were different. One of the best, most … Continue reading Counterfactuals & the Big Three

Molinism Saves Marriages!

I have the best wife in the world! Tia Stratton is smart, she loves Jesus, she goes out of her way to bless me, she has a great sense of humor, and she is so SMOKIN’ HOT it is not even funny!!! Seriously, she is way out of my league, but for some reason, she freely … Continue reading Molinism Saves Marriages!