Arguing Over the Holidays at Calvin’s Place

Family times over Christmas and New Year’s can spawn interesting conversations and sometimes heated “discussions.” This was true at the Johann Calvin home, where his daughter Connie and son-in-law Erasmus had gathered to celebrate the holidays. Erasmus had received his Ph.D. in philosophy from UA (the University of Arminia), and his view of human freedom … Continue reading Arguing Over the Holidays at Calvin’s Place

How to Win Arguments

Stop! Don’t do it!!! Do not engage in an argument with a trained arguer — at least not until you read this: Have you ever had an argument with a trained arguer — a lawyer, politician, apologist, someone on the debate team — and thought, “I wish I could win an argument sometimes?” I’ve been … Continue reading How to Win Arguments

Rude Reformers!

Question It’s platitudinous to claim that there are aggressive people in every group, however, it’s more controversial to claim that a particular group of people is more prone to aggression than others. For example, I take it that you share the same experience I do when I assert the proposition that “Internet atheists are generally … Continue reading Rude Reformers!