The MMA (Mere Molinism Argument)

In house “fights” behind the doors of the church are nothing new. Since Paul and Barnabas split over differences some two thousand years ago, Christians have disagreed on many theological issues. These passionate disagreements continue today. Although these heated disputes are not usually physically violent, these debates often occur with the same ferocity of a mixed … Continue reading The MMA (Mere Molinism Argument)

Is it Possible that Free Will Is Impossible?

Galen Strawson, a philosopher at the University of Texas at Austin, believes that free will is not only false — but impossible! In a recent interview on Closer to Truth, Strawson provides an argument which he believes demonstrates the truth of determinism. That is to say, this particular philosopher contends that libertarian freedom (namely, the “ability to do … Continue reading Is it Possible that Free Will Is Impossible?

Calvinism vs Molinism: Costa vs MacGregor

Dr. Kirk MacGregor (McPherson College) is one of the leading voices regarding Molinism in the world today and was recently invited into the “lion’s den” to take on three Calvinists during a live radio program called Iron Sharpens Iron. The Calvinists included the host of the show, Chris Arnzen, along with the cohost (my personal friend), … Continue reading Calvinism vs Molinism: Costa vs MacGregor

Libertarian Freedom Is a Limited Power

Some of my colleagues have jokingly referred to me as the epitome of a “libertarian freedom fighter!” Not only do I take freedom from “big government” seriously, I also take metaphysical and theological libertarian freedom even more seriously. That is to say, I am convinced that humans possess libertarian free will and I argue that … Continue reading Libertarian Freedom Is a Limited Power

Avengers: Infinity War & Possible Worlds

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!! Spoiler Alert!!! Seriously, if you have not yet seen the movie, Avengers: Infinity War, stop reading this and go to the movie theatre and buy a ticket! Then come back and read this article. Consider yourself warned!

What in the Possible Worlds is Molinism?

What might come as a surprise to many today is that Christ followers have a rich history of grappling with big questions. One question in particular has consumed the minds of Christians for centuries: “If God is in control over all things, how are humans really free and responsible for anything, and if humans are … Continue reading What in the Possible Worlds is Molinism?

Compatibilism is Incompatible with Reality

The idea of compatibilistic free will (CFW), or simply “compatibilism” is one of the worst ideas ever introduced to the church. It has brought nothing but confusion and those who purport it often have good intentions, yet they inadvertently deceive those who have not been trained to think otherwise (but hey, a good compatibilist does … Continue reading Compatibilism is Incompatible with Reality

Why Would God Create the Damned?

Question Hi Tim, I have recently stumbled across your FreeThinking Ministries website and am loving it. I found your site as I was searching for a way to respond to an atheist family member who has a variety of objections to God but I think the primary objection centers around: “If God is omniscient and omnibenevolent why would … Continue reading Why Would God Create the Damned?

Freethinking Needs the PAP

The ability to do otherwise is often referred to as the principle of alternative possibilities (PAP). Although it is often argued that the ability to do otherwise is not necessary for libertarian free will (LFW) to obtain, most affirm that the PAP is sufficient for LFW. That is to say, if the PAP is true, … Continue reading Freethinking Needs the PAP

The Kalam’s Illumination of Molinism

In my lengthy essay entitled The Apologetic Significance of Molinism, I surveyed many arguments in the “cumulative case” that apologists possess in their repertoire supporting the truth of Christian theism. The focus of that project was to show how each of these arguments either presuppose a key ingredient of Molinism or are strengthened by this … Continue reading The Kalam’s Illumination of Molinism

Atheism Is Un-American

It is often purported that America was not founded on “religion” and that there is a “separation of church and state.” Thus, any discussion about God in public schools (for example) will swiftly be dealt with by the ACLU. But, since the ACLU stands for the *American* civil liberties union, it is pertinent to consider the … Continue reading Atheism Is Un-American

Tactics & Theological Disputes

Before I devoted my life to the ministry of defense (apologetics), I spent most of my time studying self-defense and martial arts. When I was twelve years old (back in the mid 80s) I started studying Tae Kwon Do. In my college years I earned a black belt in Karate, and after that I studied … Continue reading Tactics & Theological Disputes

Bart Ehrman & the God of Christmas

One of the most well-known New Testament scholars to graduate from Moody Bible Institute is Bart Ehrman. He has a powerful influence over many young minds today as he is a professor at the University of North Carolina and has written many best sellers about Jesus. What is surprising, however, is that Ehrman is not … Continue reading Bart Ehrman & the God of Christmas

A FreeThinking Update

Equipping the Church to Engage the Culture FreeThinking Ministries (FTM) has enjoyed another fantastic year of ministry! This online organization is equipping people around the world to know exactly what they should believe (theology) and exactly why they should believe it (apologetics). This mission is important because when one fully grasps both the what and the why, radical life change occurs and evangelism just happens! Jeremiah … Continue reading A FreeThinking Update

Is God’s Knowledge Like a Box of Chocolates?

Question: Dear Tim, I just finished reading your “Dangerous Grounds” article and I could use a little clarification. Can you please further explain why it is that if God does not possess knowledge of creaturely freedom logically prior to his creative decree, then the only two options we are left with are open theism or “exhaustive … Continue reading Is God’s Knowledge Like a Box of Chocolates?

The Omniscience of God

This is the conclusion of a trilogy of articles surveying what I refer to as “The BIG 3” of God’s omni-attributes. I have previously written about God’s perfect love for all people (See The Omnibenvolence of God) and God’s perfect power (See The Omnipotence of God). After considering these characteristics of God’s nature, the next … Continue reading The Omniscience of God