PSYCHONIX: Mind Over Matter (Book Review)

By Suzanne Stratton


June 12, 2020

PSYCHONIX: Mind Over Matter, by Mike Burnette, is a blend of interesting, well-developed characters, and exciting, intriguing action. It is a many layered novel, with unexpected twists and turns. If you like science fiction, espionage, psychology, war stories, philosophy, and many other topics, you will find plenty to attract and keep your attention. Readers with philosophical leanings will be drawn into the musings of the characters who wonder about the nature of reality. Anyone growing up with Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, or the Twilight Zone will recognize familiar territory, along with hints of C.S. Lewis, and many other icons of our cultural heritage.

The hero is a complex man, who is ready to try a new way to explore reality. Having been wounded in battle, he is a veteran with PTSD, willing to trust scientists who have devised an unusual experimental technique. Along with the preparation for his dangerous role in the exploration of reality, other remarkable people play a part in the action that develops as the story comes to a surprising climax. 

The descriptive details make a vivid picture of the settings and people whose lives become involved with each other throughout the narrative. I found it difficult to put it down and get some rest whenever I became immersed in the tale, because I needed to find out what would happen next!

I kept returning to the book to read parts of it again, since within the context of the action, Burnette adds some thought-provoking philosophical musings of different characters interspersed throughout the telling of everything that happened. If you have ever questioned the nature of reality, but enjoy action and intrigue, this is the book for you. J.P. Moreland agrees:

“Believe me when I say the novel is very interesting reading.  I was engaged. Mike Burnette has done an outstanding job of capturing the mind-body problem arguments accurately and in an interesting, readable way.” 

You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and many other sites by typing in PSYCHONIX. You can get the paperback only at Amazon (Click here: Amazon Kindle/Paperback).

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About the Author

By Suzanne Stratton

Suzanne Stratton is a retired high school Spanish teacher and an artist with no claim to fame, other than being the mother of Dr. Tim Stratton of FreeThinking Ministries. She is drawn to people of many cultures and ethnicities, finding joy in the friendships acquired across lines drawn by society. The subject of philosophy has always been an interest for her, and she once thought philosophy would be a good minor for her teaching degree, until her advisor told her that was not an option, right before graduation. Science fiction has always been an enjoyable escape in reading and movies, including Star Trek and especially Star Wars, and the philosophical ideas found in them. After coming to know Christ, the works of C.S.Lewis have had a great effect on her understanding of how God works in our lives. Suzanne and her husband Russ always included their children in imaginative discussions about the meaning of life, and now they are trying to keep up with FreeThinking Ministries.