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December 28, 2021

Since publishing Human Freedom, Divine Knowledge, and Mere Molinism, many have asked for a resource to help study the book as an individual, in small groups, and even in seminary classrooms. My colleague Timothy Fox encouraged me to write a companion to the book that would help readers know the main points and exactly what they ought to take away from each chapter. I told Fox that this was a great idea, but that I currently did not have the time since I was committed to other projects. 

But Fox wouldn’t give up. He offered to help and, before we knew it (although God middle knew it), the Human Freedom, Divine Knowledge, and Mere Molinism Study Guide was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers. This also includes some powerful endorsements of the original book from David Baggett, Clay Jones, Bobby Conway, and notable epistemologist, Kelly Fitzsimmons Burton on the back cover.

Here’s the book description:

This study guide will help everyone from laypersons to theology students navigate Human Freedom, Divine Knowledge, and Mere Molinism, by Timothy A. Stratton. Timothy Fox walks readers through each chapter, identifying key terms and asking pertinent questions. Stratton adds multiple “Going Deeper” sections to clarify and expand his case. This companion is a vital resource for the aspiring theologian.

The “Going Deeper” sections discuss the following:

  • The word “ability” and what we mean by an “ability to do otherwise.” 
  • More biblical data implying human libertarian freedom. 
  • The modal fallacy (often committed by non-Molinists). 
  • A historical survey of more Reformed theologians who affirm limited libertarian freedom. 
  • An analyzation of John Calvin’s own words about God being the “author of evil.” 
  • A timeline of historical events starting with Luther and Calvin, moving to Molina and Arminius, and eventually from the Synod of Dort to the protestant Church we know and love today. 
  • A new and improved formulation of the FreeThinking Argument. 
  • A new FreeThinking Argument Against EDD (Exhaustive Divine Determinism).  
  • An argument for libertarian freedom based upon 1 Corinthians 10:12-15.
  • A section discussing 5-Point Molinism and playing the TRUMP card. 
  • A brief discussion regarding the hypothesis of a best feasible freedom-permitting circumstance and the defeat of all the “Problems of Evil.”
  • Purpose Theory and a foundation for objective morality (no matter what today’s culture, celebrities, politicians, or the Supreme Court subjectively think). 
  • A demonstration of how Molinism defeats John Schellenberg’s Argument from Divine Hiddenness. 
  • Further discussion about how the Fine-Tuning Argument supports the middle knowledge of God. 
The Mere Molinism Study Guide is much more than a mere study guide, though. It clarifies concepts, offers helpful definitions, and advances the conversation and arguments for human libertarian freedom, divine middle knowledge, and the truth of Molinism. Many chapters also include application questions to reflect on why the content matters in our everyday lives.
You can purchase the Mere Molinism Study Guide here.

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Stay reasonable (Isaiah 1:18),

Dr. Timothy A. Stratton and Timothy Fox

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