How to Discover Evidence of Racism

By Wintery Knight


August 9, 2019

A note from Tim: FreeThinking Ministries opposes and condemns racism in any form or fashion! We affirm that all humans are created equal and in the “image of God.” The primary purpose of FreeThinking Ministries is to “Equip the Church to engage the culture.” With that said, we recognize two (of many) problems in the culture today:

1- The evil of racism is real — it exists.
2- Often, people who are not racists are falsely accused of racism.

We believe both problems should be addressed. Racists should be utterly condemned: they are not only un-American (see The Declaration of Independence), but racists are opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ! We must do all we can to bring the evil of racism to an end.

We believe the best way to do that is via loving, respectful, and logical conversations (for an example consider my conversations with Adam Coleman). Accusing someone of “racism” simply because one holds a different political view, however, is not helpful in that regard. This leads to frustration and more division. Wintery Knight is a well-known Christian blogger, and although most people do not know his true identity, I can tell you that he is not of European descent. He definitely opposes racism! He also opposes the label being tossed around too flippantly (lest it lose its meaning). Please consider his thoughts on the issue below.

From Wintery Knight

I’ve noticed that a lot of people on the left like to cry “racism” whenever anyone disagrees with them about any of their policies. If a conservative opposes Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, banning all guns, infanticide or gay marriage, the response from the left is often to cry “racism.” As if there is no content at all to the conservative worldview. Let’s take a look at this.

Here is a Daily Signal column by famous Jewish conservative Dennis Prager:

So here is a way to show it is a lie.

Ask any white conservative, including one who supports Trump, the following three questions:

1). Do you have more in common with, and are you personally more comfortable in the company of, a white leftist or a black conservative?

2). Would you rather have nine white leftists or nine black conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court?

3). Would you rather your child marry a black Christian conservative or a white non-Christian liberal?

A white racist would prefer the whites in each case.

I have asked these questions of thousands of Trump supporters at lectures and on my radio show.

Not once has a white Trump-supporting conservative said he or she would be more comfortable in the presence of a white leftist than a black conservative, or would prefer an all-white liberal Supreme Court to an all-black conservative Supreme Court.

Not once has a white Christian conservative said he or she would prefer his or her child marry a white non-Christian liberal rather than a black Christian conservative.

If you’re an honest leftist, this should present a powerful challenge to your belief that all white conservatives are racist.

Now, I’m not white (and one day in the future I’ll be revealing more about me and my story), and I talk to white conservatives all the time. They are tired of being called “racist” when trying to make a logical case for conservative views, e.g. – school vouchers, legal gun ownership, protection of the unborn, etc. Since I agree with them, they often invite me to their debates so that I can explain all the reasons why I hold the conservative beliefs that I do – just to take skin color out of the equation. Because their reasons are my reasons. We read the same people: Thomas Sowell, John Lott, Mark Levin, Victor Davis Hanson, Francis J. Beckwith, Ryan T. Anderson, etc. My arguments and evidence are the same as theirs.

The non-racism of white conservatives should be no surprise to anyone. Who is the favorite economist of white conservatives? Thomas Sowell, a black economist. And who is the favorite Senator of white conservatives? Ted Cruz, a Cuban lawyer. And who is the favorite radio show host of white conservatives? Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew. And who is their favorite Supreme Court Justice? The most conservative one, Clarence Thomas – who is black. And who leads the favorite think tank of white conservatives? Kay Cole James, a black woman, who is president of the Heritage Foundation. And white conservatives love legal immigrants, and love to hear their stories of becoming citizens by following the rules. They love to hear anyone express love for America.

White conservatives couldn’t care less about another conservative’s skin color. Or sex, for that matter. They only care about one thing: that the person loves the Constitution, the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and the founding ideals of the country as a whole.

In my opinion, it seems to be the secular left that is obsessed with dividing people into groups and making them feel like victims. They want to push these groups into supporting a bigger secular government, higher taxes and less liberty. A successful black conservative and a legal immigrant would be their worst nightmare.

PS: Just this morning, one of the white conservatives in my office, who was really upset that Trump is getting blamed for gun violence, invited me and a white progressive co-worker for lunch next Monday. He was trying to make me talk to the progressive in the office — and I was — but we were going long, so now we’re going to lunch to have a respectful and logical conversation.

We need more of these!

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