A Skeptic’s Journey

By Seth McBride

I met Tim Stratton almost fifteen years ago, but have recently become friends with him when I developed an interest in philosophy. I attended the first semester of Reasonable Faith UNK and I have always been interested in science, mostly social science academically and philosophy recreationally. I believe my initial draw to Christian Apologetics came from … Continue reading A Skeptic’s Journey

Who Created God?

“LORD”, the psalmist declares, “thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting thou art God. Thou turnest man back to the dust, and sayest, Turn back, O children of men! For a thousand years … Continue reading Who Created God?

How To Combat The Apologetic Apathy In The Church

Becoming a Christian apologist proficient at the popular, much less, the academic level, requires dozens of hours, even years of intellectual involvement depending on how deep one is willing to study. I remember when first reading “Time and Eternity”, a popular-level book by Dr. William Lane Craig. It took me two entire days to get … Continue reading How To Combat The Apologetic Apathy In The Church

What Are Some Of The Problems With “Philosophy-Free” Theology?

“I only need the Bible, not man’s philosophy!”, “We don’t need to use philosophy since we have the Holy Spirit!”, “My beliefs are exegetically driven, yours are philosophical!” Many statements like the ones just mentioned sound reverential and benign to the religious ear, but these statements need to be refined. Often when one presses these … Continue reading What Are Some Of The Problems With “Philosophy-Free” Theology?

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