Thanos vs. Avengers

God’s Endgame

As you can tell, we at FreeThinking Ministries are huge superhero fans. Aside from being fun, superhero stories offer great learning opportunities about moral and even theological issues. Case in point, Stratton’s latest article on Avengers: Endgame about the problem of evil. (If you haven’t read it yet, you should go do that before reading … Continue reading God’s Endgame

Dr. Sean McDowell

Interview with Dr. Sean McDowell: So the Next Generation Will Know

Last week I reviewed So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace. Now I have an interview with Sean giving some additional insight about the book. Enjoy! What were your motivations for writing So the Next Generation Will Know? My three kids: Scottie, Shauna, and Shane. I wrote this book … Continue reading Interview with Dr. Sean McDowell: So the Next Generation Will Know

So the Next Generation Will Know book cover

Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace

You’ve probably seen the statistics and heard the concerns. Young people are leaving the church in greater numbers than ever. While the youth of every generation share many common characteristics, this generation – dubbed Generation Z – faces new and unique challenges thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and easy access to the Internet. Young … Continue reading Book Review: So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace

Friends talking

Choose Your Words Wisely

There are many things to keep in mind when sharing your Christian convictions with an unbeliever, such as your attitude, your tone, and even the specific words you use. Certain words common to evangelism, theology, and apologetics have accumulated cultural baggage that can hinder spiritual conversations. Let’s look at three such words and consider some … Continue reading Choose Your Words Wisely

God looking angry

God Behaving Badly? – The Midianite Virgins

I was talking with a skeptic about the solution of the classic Euthyphro dilemma – God’s commands are good because God is good – and the skeptic asked, “If God commands rape, would that make rape good?” I replied that rape is an objectively evil act and therefore a good God would never command it. … Continue reading God Behaving Badly? – The Midianite Virgins


Top 10 Articles of 2018

2018 is drawing to a close, and so we present to you the top 10 most read articles of the year: 10. Whoever Reads John 3:16 Can Know that “Whoever” Is Really There – Guest blogger Brian Abasciano defends the “whoever” of John 3:16 from recent attacks by Calvinist thinkers. 9. Excusing Sinners, Blaming God, Compatibilism, … Continue reading Top 10 Articles of 2018


All I Want for Christmas Is MORE

Every year I resolve to have the best Christmas ever, and every year I’m disappointed. It’s my own fault, though, because I set my expectations so high. I just love the season so much – the lights, the music, everything. I can’t ever get enough. So I think that more of everything is going to make … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas Is MORE

Child reading Bible

Bedtime Theology

When my son William was three years old, he had a bedtime ritual. My wife and I tucked him in, we said our prayers, and then I had to lay next to him, holding his hand until he fell asleep. It was sweet and I loved that my boy enjoyed my company, but some nights … Continue reading Bedtime Theology

Crowd of NPCs

We’re All NPCs

It has become trendy in some circles to refer to people with certain political views as NPCs. In video game lingo, an NPC is a “nonplayable character,” a character that is not controlled by any player. They can be extremely simple or intricate and complex, but they are still mindless characters who solely follow their … Continue reading We’re All NPCs

Scientism and Secularism

Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland

J. P. Moreland is one of the most prominent Christian thinkers of our time and I’ve been greatly impacted by his works, such as Love Your God With All Your Mind and Kingdom Triangle. In his latest popular-level work, Scientism and Secularism (Crossway, 2018), Moreland addresses one of the most dangerous ideologies facing our culture … Continue reading Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland


“How Would You Respond to This?”

Once people discover that you’re a Christian thinker, they often start coming to you with all of the objections they hear: “The Bible is hopelessly corrupt.” “Jesus never existed.” “Science disproves God.” Your friends will offer you the objections and ask, “How would you respond to this?” And here is what I always say: “I … Continue reading “How Would You Respond to This?”


4 Reasons Why I Blog (& Why You Should Too)

“I’m thinking about starting an apologetics blog, but what can I say that hasn’t already been said?” I asked myself this many times before I started blogging, and I’ve heard it from plenty of others as well. Also, “Do we really need another blog? Would anyone actually read it?” etc. Well, obviously I do blog, … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why I Blog (& Why You Should Too)

Man with Bible

How to Get Men to Church

There’s a critical gender gap problem in America: Christianity’s gender gap. Men attend church far less than women. Why? There are many reasons, from weak, whiny worship to emotions-based sermons. Church isn’t masculine, so men don’t go. So what’s the solution? Churches create “manly” ministries and boot camps, involving sports and YELLING and other macho … Continue reading How to Get Men to Church

women crying

Can Empathy Ground Morality?

One of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God is the moral argument. Basically, an objective moral law requires a Moral Lawgiver. But many skeptics still aren’t convinced. They claim that they don’t need God or some holy book to tell them how to live; they have empathy. defines empathy as “the … Continue reading Can Empathy Ground Morality?

Sherlock Holmes

Hermeneutics and Sherlock Holmes

“You see, but you do not observe.” – Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia It’s a good time to be a Sherlock Holmes fan. There have been many versions in the recent years, like the Disney movies starring Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr., and the BBC show Sherlock, featuring the awesomely-named dreamboat, Benedict Cumberbatch. … Continue reading Hermeneutics and Sherlock Holmes

The Truth Is

Book Review: The Truth Is by Steven Kozak

The Truth Is: Sharing The Truth of Jesus with Confidence, Conviction, and Compassion is the latest book by Steven Kozak, Executive Director of Awana Youth Ministries and a fellow alum of the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. He oversaw the creation of the fantastic Advocates apologetics curriculum and the forthcoming evangelism-focused Witnesses. Steve obviously … Continue reading Book Review: The Truth Is by Steven Kozak