Ep. 39 Greg Koukl, Free Will, and True Love (Part 1)


October 18, 2018

In case we don’t clarify it enough in this episode, both Tim and I think Greg Koukl is awesome! We’ve both benefitted immensely from his work, and so the corrections we’re offering in these episodes are done in hopes that Koukl’s positions will be made even stronger, helping him to be an even more effective apologist.

In these episodes, we lay out Koukl’s view on libertarian free will and why he doesn’t believe it is a necessary condition for there to be true love. Naturally, Tim and I don’t believe this to be true!

These episodes are great ones to listen to in order to see how one can have a respectful disagreement with someone. It can be a very difficult line to walk, so take some notes on how Tim does it!

Check out this episode!