Ep. 20 Molinism (Part 2)


June 7, 2018

We’re back with another episode on Molinism! In this episode, Tim and I explain why the term “middle knowledge” is named as it is, as well as providing some more clarification on topics discussed in the previous episode. It’s another action-packed and interesting episode of the Freethinking Podcast!

One of my favorite things when talking about Molinism is to see the other person’s face light up once they finally understand this deep and sophisticated doctrine. Unfortunately, that’s not really possible for me to see when I am doing a podcast, so you’ll just have to join the private Facebook group and let me know your experience with Molinism!

Of course, for those of you who often read these things you know that you can join the private Facebook group at freethinkingministries.com/facebook. Affirm the Freethinking Ministries statement of faith, and you’ll be off and running. Thanks for sharing the show!

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