3 Unhelpful Things in the Race Conversation That Need to Stop NOW

Race and injustice are difficult topics to discuss. And while the church must talk about it, I’ve seen a lot of harmful missteps along the way. Here are three unhelpful things that people are doing in the race conversation that need to stop. Now. Warning: This might be too spicy for some people. Read with … Continue reading 3 Unhelpful Things in the Race Conversation That Need to Stop NOW


We Need to Talk

Last year I adopted a personal motto regarding apologetics: “Let’s talk about it.” Too many young people are abandoning Christianity because they think the church isn’t listening to them. No one answers the questions they have and the church doesn’t discuss things relevant to them. My answer was for the church to become a safe … Continue reading We Need to Talk

Can Christians Be Anarchists?

The aim of this article is to demonstrate that accusations of inconsistency between Christian theology and a political philosophy of anarchism are not well-founded based on Scripture. If a Christian is to refrain from considering anarchism as a means of organizing society, he or she cannot do so on Christian grounds. The term anarchist tends … Continue reading Can Christians Be Anarchists?

Are Pro-Lifers Who Own Guns Hypocrites?

Another assertion has become commonplace in discussions of abortion. Pro-lifers who own firearms, or support military actions abroad are misled at best, and at worst, hypocrites. The critic assumes that any inconsistently held pro-life beliefs are evidence pro-lifers aren’t actually motivated by a desire to protect human life, but rather a desire to control women’s … Continue reading Are Pro-Lifers Who Own Guns Hypocrites?

Don’t Like It? Don’t Do It

“Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.” “Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one.” “Don’t like drugs? Don’t use them.” You’ve probably heard one of these – or something similar – before. It expresses the notion that if you don’t like something, don’t do it, and don’t try to take away someone else’s right to do it … Continue reading Don’t Like It? Don’t Do It