The B-theory of Time: My Debate with a Physicist

I recently engaged in a debate with a physicist who objected to the Kalam Cosmological Argument based on his metaphysical assumption of the B-theory of time (he referred to this theory as “eternalism”). I have written about some of the problems with the logical conclusions that follow from this metaphysical assumption here and here. When I … Continue reading The B-theory of Time: My Debate with a Physicist

Freethinking Debate

Last week a confident undergraduate with a history degree felt that he knew enough about my field – and my thesis argument – to systematically destroy it. He came out swinging and attacked a short blog article I wrote summarizing three years of research and a long master’s thesis. You can read the summary here … Continue reading Freethinking Debate

Stuff Atheists Say: You’re Almost an Atheist

We at FreeThinking Ministries are dedicated to answering the biggest objections to Christianity. We respect sincere skeptics and seekers and understand that everyone has doubts. We do too at times. If there’s a certain obstacle that is keeping you from faith, we want to help remove it. Responding to objections is mandatory to the Christ-follower: “always being prepared to … Continue reading Stuff Atheists Say: You’re Almost an Atheist

An Army of Straw Men

In December of 2014, after three years of hard work and long hours of study, my colleague, Timothy “Orthodox” Fox, and I finally graduated from Biola University with a couple of Master’s Degrees in Christian Apologetics (both of us graduated with highest honors)! This field of study focuses on logic, science, metaphysics, the historical method, philosophy, … Continue reading An Army of Straw Men

Stephen Fry, Humanism, & Incoherence

The British actor, Stephen Fry, has recently narrated a short animated video in which he advocates the atheistic view of humanism. In my experience, humanism seems to mean different things to different people. According to a quick Google search, humanism is typically defined as: “An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human … Continue reading Stephen Fry, Humanism, & Incoherence