God & Evil: A Rapid-Fire Response

The problem of evil (pain or suffering) is probably the number one argument against the existence of God. While it is definitely not a problem that can be answered quickly and simply, I’d like to offer some short, rapid-fire responses that can be used to begin a deeper discussion: Free will – Freedom is a … Continue reading God & Evil: A Rapid-Fire Response

Ethical Or Expedient? The True Philosophy Behind Abortion

An American outcry has erupted recently in response to newly legislated restrictions on abortion in certain states. Outraged, public figures have gone so far as to boycott Georgia, an entire state, in protest. Why have the American people fought so hard against abortion restrictions and pushed so vehemently for full-term, easily accessible abortions for all? … Continue reading Ethical Or Expedient? The True Philosophy Behind Abortion

A Thought Experiment vs “Unjustified” Evil & Suffering

Suppose you awoke tomorrow in a state of affairs in which suffering had ceased. Not only are you no longer experiencing suffering of any kind, but you became aware that all suffering had come to an end. There was no more suffering resulting from moral or natural evil — and even gratuitous animal suffering was … Continue reading A Thought Experiment vs “Unjustified” Evil & Suffering

Friends talking

Talking About SIN with Truth & Love

Question: Dear Tim, How do you lovingly tell your unsaved friends about their sin (especially their sinful sexual behavior)? Is it better just to spread Christ’s love, and hope they come to desire it as well? What if our friends don’t believe in God? – From a concerned teenager Tim’s Response: This is basically a … Continue reading Talking About SIN with Truth & Love

“The Ring of Truth”

What religion or worldview possesses the “Ring of Truth?” It is definitely not Islam or atheism! To be sure, this is not a deductive argument like the Kalam, Freethinking, or Ontological Arguments. I am simply encouraging readers to pay attention to their intuition. Although we cannot always trust our intuition, I contend that it is … Continue reading “The Ring of Truth”

The Failure of Frankfurt?

Scientists are valuable friends. As a philosophically inclined theologian I appreciate my colleagues who have immediate access to important scientific data in physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Mad scientists, on the other hand, I typically try to avoid! Be that as it may, these mad scientists, while scary, are often quite helpful when conducting important thought … Continue reading The Failure of Frankfurt?

Does the Bible Promote Slavery?

“Consult the Bible, and you will discover that the creator of the universe clearly expects us to keep slaves.” 1 This provocative statement by atheist Sam Harris is meant to cast shade on the God of the Bible. After all, if civilized humanity overwhelmingly condemns slavery, why should we worship a God who thinks it’s acceptable? The … Continue reading Does the Bible Promote Slavery?

Abortion Rights: An Oxymoron

The New York Times recently published an article entitled “How Abortion Rights Will Die a Death by 1,000 Cuts: Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court would mean the demise of not just abortion rights but also a century of progressive reforms.” Author Mayeri’s strongly worded article argues that the Conservative Political Party is pushing … Continue reading Abortion Rights: An Oxymoron

I was forced out of my PhD program because of my open faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s my story.

While as an undergrad at Salt Lake Community College in 1991, I gave a presentation in front of my humanities 101 class arguing Jesus Christ is the messiah, citing evidence for his resurrection. My professor literally cut me off during my presentation and told me it was over, that I couldn’t proceed. He later informed … Continue reading I was forced out of my PhD program because of my open faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s my story.

Batman symbol

Batman: World’s Greatest… Atheist?

So Batman is an atheist. Or at least that’s what the headlines said in August 2018. I finally read the issue in question, Batman #53, which is part of the story arc “Cold Days” (slight spoilers ahead). In the story, Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, is serving on a jury. He sees a fellow juror … Continue reading Batman: World’s Greatest… Atheist?