“The Ring of Truth”

What religion or worldview possesses the “Ring of Truth?” It is definitely not Islam or atheism! To be sure, this is not a deductive argument like the Kalam, Freethinking, or Ontological Arguments. I am simply encouraging readers to pay attention to their intuition. Although we cannot always trust our intuition, I contend that it is … Continue reading “The Ring of Truth”

The Failure of Frankfurt?

Scientists are valuable friends. As a philosophically inclined theologian I appreciate my colleagues who have immediate access to important scientific data in physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Mad scientists, on the other hand, I typically try to avoid! Be that as it may, these mad scientists, while scary, are often quite helpful when conducting important thought … Continue reading The Failure of Frankfurt?

An Unjustified Punt to Mystery

C. Michael Patton, in a recent blog, claimed to do some “math” and concluded that there are five great mysteries in Christian theology. While I am fine with an occasional appeal to mystery regarding a few topics, Christians often punt to mystery far too quickly. If we “punt to mystery” too quickly, we can sometimes … Continue reading An Unjustified Punt to Mystery

Professors, Psychotherapy, & the Emotional Crutch of Determinism

I have had the privilege and honor to have studied under many brilliant professors over the past several years. This includes learning from professors in an official capacity in the classroom at Biola University, or learning in an unofficial capacity from many more professors (locally and from around the world) who have befriended me and … Continue reading Professors, Psychotherapy, & the Emotional Crutch of Determinism

Debating Determinism with Dillahunty

“Would you be interested in debating Matt Dillahunty?” That was the question I received in July of 2018, from one of the organizers for the Texas Baptist Unapologetics Conference. “Hmm . . . I don’t know,” was all I could say. I’d seen the scathing videos from Matt’s show, The Atheist Experience, and was aware … Continue reading Debating Determinism with Dillahunty

3 Circles & ALL the Problems of Evil

Why would God allow moral evil? For example, why would God allow Hitler to torture and murder millions of Jews in the horrors of Nazi concentration camps? Why would God allow natural evil? For example, why would God allow hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis that kill and cause so much suffering? Why would God allow what … Continue reading 3 Circles & ALL the Problems of Evil

A Three-Punch Combo for Freedom

Question Dear Tim, I recently watched a short interview where you were asked for the “main indicator” of libertarian free will. You mentioned that you had several reasons to think humans possess this kind of freedom but you only elaborated on one of them. Can you please describe exactly what libertarian freedom is, provide more reasons … Continue reading A Three-Punch Combo for Freedom

Can God Create a Morally Perfect Creature?

Question Dear Tim, I am in a discussion with a skeptic and it has basically come down to “why couldn’t God create a free moral creature with a morally perfect nature?” Basically if God can have free will and not do evil what limits Him from creating humans who do as well? My contention was … Continue reading Can God Create a Morally Perfect Creature?

The One Minute Apologist & Mere Molinism

Bobby Conway is a pastor, a PhD philosopher, and the founder/host of an online ministry known as The One-Minute Apologist. His short, clear, and concise YouTube videos have been a great resource over the past several years as they always provide quick and credible answers to many of the “big questions” that have kept me awake at … Continue reading The One Minute Apologist & Mere Molinism

Deliberation Requires Liberation

The Freethinking Argument Against Naturalism is a staple at FreeThinking Ministries and a great way to show naturalists that we have good reason to think there is more to reality than just the stuff scientists can test and discover. The original 8-step argument is also a good conversation starter about free will. Several versions of … Continue reading Deliberation Requires Liberation