Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 3

This is the third and final round of Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! Tim Stratton has responded to four arguments in round 1 and four in round 2, surviving by the skin of his teeth. But here are four last objections that will own him for sure!!! Final round: Go! 9) Lawrence Krauss’s work has proved that the universe can come … Continue reading Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 3

Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 2

This is the second round of Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! Last time Tim Stratton successfully fended off four arguments that could have totally annihilated him!!! Can he refute another four objections or will he be completely owned?!?!? Let’s see! Round 2: Begin! 5) Regarding infinite regress, we cross infinites all the time. Any distance or amount of time can … Continue reading Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 2

Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 1

The Internet is not subtle. When people attack others’ beliefs and ideas, they don’t just refute them; they utterly obliterate them!!!!! Because who wants a boring headline? “Christian debates atheist.” Lame! “Christian completely owns atheist!!!” “Apologist embarrassed by scientist!!!” That’s exciting! I’ve challenged my colleague, The FreeThinking Theist himself, Tim Stratton, to respond to 12 arguments spread over three rounds that completely destroy … Continue reading Destroying the Kalam Cosmological Argument!!!!! – Round 1

Logic Is Bedrock

All philosophical conversation, scientific hypotheses, mathematics, and conclusions based on the historical method entail the reality of logical laws. It would be impossible to engage in any of these disciplines if there were not logical absolutes providing parameters to help us reach conclusions that follow from given premises. Here are three fundamental Laws of Logic … Continue reading Logic Is Bedrock

Truth & Reality

What is truth? People have been asking this question for centuries. In fact, Pilate asked Jesus this very question over two thousand years ago (John 18:38). The answer to this intriguing question is quite simple: statements that are true correspond to reality. This raises another question: what is reality? The answer to this question is uncomplicated as well: … Continue reading Truth & Reality

Time Proves God

I love to spend my time thinking about time. That might sound rather odd to most people; however, I have come to the conclusion that if we understand time correctly, then the rest of reality starts to fall into place. My interest in time theory began to exist when I began examining the beginning of … Continue reading Time Proves God

Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 2

Last week I offered a response to the ESPN article on Arian Foster’s atheism. I pointed out several of his errors in reasoning leading to false beliefs. I will continue to examine more of his mistakes (which many commit today) and other related issues in this article. Recent Trends The ESPN reporter referenced a recent study from … Continue reading Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 2

An Army of Straw Men

In December of 2014, after three years of hard work and long hours of study, my colleague, Timothy “Orthodox” Fox, and I finally graduated from Biola University with a couple of Master’s Degrees in Christian Apologetics (both of us graduated with highest honors)! This field of study focuses on logic, science, metaphysics, the historical method, philosophy, … Continue reading An Army of Straw Men


Does objective truth apply to morality? This question has major ramifications depending on how you answer it, because it ultimately asks, “DOES GOD EXIST?” We can see this demonstrated through the use of logic in a deductive syllogism known as “The Moral Argument.”[1] Here it is: 1- If God does not exist, objective moral values … Continue reading An OUGHT From An IS

Magnifying glass

Evidence for God

A few weeks ago I wrote an article discussing why there isn’t more evidence for God’s existence. Why we don’t see Him floating around everywhere we go. But many an atheist will say there is no evidence whatsoever, therefore one should not believe in Him. But before we fall for this claim, we need to … Continue reading Evidence for God