Brady Cone

Brady Cone is passionate about helping the Body of Christ engage our culture about marriage and sexuality issues and equipping the Church to make disciples in a culture that is so confused about sexuality.

Brady grew up on a farm in Nebraska. After wrestling with same-sex attraction and sexuality issues through his childhood, by the time he graduated high school, he had accepted the fact that he was gay. But during college, God was stirring in his heart. After his sophomore year, he knew that his sin was failing him, and life in the LGBTQ community would never make him feel loved in the way that it promised to make him feel loved. Thankfully he discovered that God loves him in ways that no one in this world ever could, fell to his knees in repentance towards Christ. In walking with the Lord, he discovered that God could give him a new identity, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, the ability to wake up everyday and choose to live a life that is honoring to God and in line with his Word.

Brady has a Bachelor of Science degree from Chadron State College where he studied psychology and human biology. He later obtained a Master of Arts in Theology degree from Shepherds Theological Seminary.

Brady is married to his beautiful wife Mary and they reside in Cheyenne, WY. When he isn’t traveling for ministry, he can be found tending to his flock of 55 chickens, playing Settlers of Catan, and putting up Christmas lights. Connect more with Brady‘s ministry at