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July 13, 2020

Dear fellow white person,

I am writing this letter because we seem to have suddenly and abruptly awakened to a world in which we find ourselves being shamed because of the color of our skin. Oddly enough, no matter how much you may have fought against racism in the past, in 2020 you are now labeled a “racist” simply for being born with supposed “white privilege.” No matter what you say to the contrary, those wielding the sword of  (the new definition of ) “racism” will cancel you out of existence if you even try to deny the charge of racism. There is no escape. They will claim that your denial of racism is indeed, proof of your racism (See White Fragility). 

Good morning and welcome to the new world where you are either a racist . . . or you are a racist. 

The only way of escape is to become as “woke” as possible: bow the knee, admit your racism, and try to gain a few “moral authority points” of intersectionality. As explained in Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking, you can divorce your spouse, leave your family, self-identify opposite your biological gender, start engaging in (biological) homosexual activity, and choose to identify as “zie.” And if you really want to gain “moral authority points” you can reject Jesus Christ and affirm any other religion or worldview — just as long as it is not biblical Christianity. 

If you do all of those things, hopefully the “woke mob” will not notice the “whiteness” of your skin. Indeed, this new movement based in Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory is not really against the “norms” set by “old white males,” this movement today is against the “norm” set by a Jewish carpenter. Being opposed to “whiteness” really seems to be a code word for being opposed to biblical Christianity. 

So, in addition to simply being born with white skin, if you really believe Christianity is true, that homosexual acts are objectively wrong, and that the structure of the nuclear family is an objective good (contra Black Lives Matter) then, according to the mob, you are not only a white racist, but you are an evil oppressor! 

Do Not Take the Bait!

I know you are frustrated. I was raised in a home where my parents taught me that all humanity was created equal in the image of God and that the color of one’s skin is simply irrelevant. Indeed, I have been vocal against the evils of racism in the past (See my recent lecture at the University of Louisville as an example) so to be falsely accused of racism myself has led to frustration and — if I am honest — a little bit of anger. 

This is why I am writing this letter. I know you are confused, frustrated, and struggling with anger too. Moreover, not only are you being falsely accused of racism, but you are seeing violent mobs threatening your life if you continue to celebrate the “norm” of Judeo/Christian values expressed in America’s philosophical foundations

This justifiably makes one angry. I get it. With that said: DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT and do not sin in your anger (Ephesians 4:26-27). 

BLM (the organization) has recently admitted what we have all known since 2013 — they are “trained Marxists.” If they are trained Marxists, then it stands to reason that this is no longer really about racial issues — it is about a Marxist/communist revolution against the Judeo/Christian philosophical foundations of America. These “revolutionaries” need two things:

1- They need racism to exist (even when it doesn’t).

2- They need YOU to become violent.

If this is an attempted Marxist revolution, do not become violent — unless it is truly the last resort (see Love and the Last Resort). The self-admitted Marxists behind groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa want you to take the bait and begin harboring racist thoughts and feelings, or worse, become violent. This will justify their movement and fuel the fire. 


Stay strong, be meek (power under control), and keep speaking the complete truth and nothing but the truth covered in lots of love (Ephesians 4:15).  

Don’t Be Provoked to Racism

I believe our nation has made great strides in the fight against racism. There are some echoes of past racism, and there are small vestiges of intimidating racist groups lingering in our culture. Most of us — no matter the race — have racial biases that we have to fight against. All of this needs to continually be dealt with in a peaceful, loving, and rational manner. Be that as it may, I am confident in declaring that most white Americans are not racist. 

Indeed, Generation X (my generation) was raised with black heroes. From Lando Calrissian, to Michael Jackson and RUN DMC, to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, every white kid wanted to “be like Mike” and the majority of posters in a young white boy’s room were of black men (See, If You Think Racism Is Wrong, You Should Be a Christian). With that said, however, I am worried that the angry looters and violent mobs destroying American culture (or worse) in the name of “black lives matter” might cause some who are not racist and have never been racist, to begin harboring racist feelings. 


I have gone out of my way to correct a few white Christian men who after watching the violence in the streets from Black Lives Matter asked “Why are ALL black people acting this way?” Or, “Why do ALL black people want us to kneel before them?” 

Stop it! 

Nothing is farther from the truth! Take your thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) before they take you (Colossians 2:8). Just because some folks in the BLM organization think or act in a certain manner, it does not logically follow that ALL black people agree with Black Lives Matter (the organization). Do not let a passing racist thought take root your mind — no matter what! Consider this: BLM is to blacks as the KKK is to whites! Just as you would not want to be lumped into the KKK just because you are white, do not jump to the conclusion that BLM represents all black people — they do not (Marcellus Wiley is an awesome example)! 

BLM — not to mention modern-day Marxism — needs racism to exist in order to survive. They want you to have racist thoughts — they need you to have racist thoughts. Do NOT let them win! Keep reality in mind and remember the biblical truth that is also espoused in The Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

The objective truth of the matter is that each and every human — independent of skin color — was created by God, in the image of God, on purpose, and for the specific purpose to know, love, and enjoy a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe and all humans for eternity (See Who Do You Think You Are?). It follows that if we are always supposed to love each other, then there are certain ways in which we ought to always view each other and treat each other. This provides a logical foundation for objective and unalienable human rights (how humans ought to be treated). 

So, even if the mob, the press and the whole world is telling you that you are a racist just because you were born with white skin (which seems to be the epitome of the traditional definition of racism), in the words of Captain America, “plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth,” and tell the whole world — “No, I am NOT a racist! All humanity is created equal in the image of God, on purpose and for the specific purpose to love each other.” 

Non-White Privilege

Although this open letter was written to white people, if you are a person of color reading this note, I have a challenge for you as well. If you are not white — and also a Christian — your voice is extremely powerful at this point in history. Indeed, you truly have “non-white privilege.” 

I implore you to take advantage of this privilege you have been blessed with at a time such as this. Use your powerful voice to speak truth. Use your platform to speak against the evils of BLM, Antifa, and Marxism (which is arguably the single philosophy responsible for the most injustice and the greatest suffering this planet has ever experienced)! Use your voice to tell people their true identity like Adam Coleman does, or the true purpose in which we were all created like Alex McElroy does, and fight for biblical unity like Monique Duson

Just as Lando Calrissian, Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan were heroes of my youth, black men and women who use their voice to advance biblical truth and justice — like Adam, Alex, and Monique — are my heroes of today. Use your voice to fight for objective truth and biblical justice! Be a hero to ALL humanity. 

In truth and love, 

Tim Stratton


[1] Not only do I consider Adam Coleman (See all of his articles on FTM), Alex McElroy, and Monique Duson as personal heroes, other “people of color” are also on my “hero list.” Here’s a few who have contributed to FreeThinking Ministries:

Karl Simmons (See, A Black Man’s Lament

Leroy Hill (See, “A Discussion Regarding Patriotism“)

Tito Santiago (See, MOLAN LABE)

Tim Hsiao (See, A Thinking Person’s Guide to Opposing Racism)

Wintery Knight (See, How to Discover Evidence of Racism)

Neil Shenvi (See, Critical Theory & Christianity)

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