A Snowflake Wandering Into a Cloward-Piven Inferno

By Steve Williams


November 2, 2020

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” — Lord Of The Rings

For the first time in my life, I’m concerned that our freedom to share The Good News with the lost is being significantly damaged by people calling themselves “Christians.” 

Our economy has been cratered due to Covid-19 and the massive over-reaction to it. Strangely, as more data comes in showing it was an over-reaction, some still seem to be resisting re-opening at all costs. 

Many have mistakenly accepted the fictional “1619 Project” — revisionist garbage which dozens of real historians criticize as laughably erroneous — and have “jumped on the bandwagon” to become full-time “Social justice warriors,” fighting tooth-and-nail to solve a non-existent problem hyped up by a mostly biased Media. 

Moreover, while Black lives obviously matter (because ALL lives created in the image of God matter) they by-and-large seem unaware that the BLM organization is anti-Christian, anti-American, racist, anti-freedom, marxist organization, and are giving it support. Because many Christians don’t read much beyond pop-Christianity (which frequently fails to even contemplate, much less analyze or address these issues), far too many are clueless as to what’s going on, are emotionally supporting destructive “solutions,” and it looks like we’re in a heap of trouble. 

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a technique to cause major economic collapse dreamed up by a couple marxists professors in the 1960’s. I bring it up because whether or not it’s deliberate, that’s the direction in which we’re headed. The basic idea was to overload the government with so many entitlements, welfare, and other claims, that it collapses, and in the marxist fantasy world, something “Utopian” will rise up from the ashes like a Phoenix to displace it. Those who live in the real world, however (and are old enough to remember the lessons of history about human nature), know that the result of that would actually be horrendous, violent, and terrible. Human nature does not spontaneously self-organize and harmonize. I don’t understand how adult human beings in positions of power could believe such a naïve fantasy.

I’m alleging no particular conspiracies at the moment, but I see plenty of odd and offensive things going on in this strange season which beg for explanations. 

The tragedy in America we are observing as it unfolds was not caused by the Covid-19 virus, or by systemic racism, in my humble opinion. I believe it was caused by the “Snowflake” reactions to current events, and the fact that we’re being manipulated by globalist marxist forces we don’t understand. Be that as it may, perhaps we can more accurately identify who’s behind it.

Conspiracy Theories and Hasty Generalizations

When I did my first deep-dive into conspiracy theories about 30 years ago, I attended their meetings, watched their videos, bought their books, and the whole nine yards. In 1992 I even supported Bo Gritz (whom Alex Jones models himself after) for President. I eventually bailed out of those groups because there were too many Hasty Generalizations (“9/11 was an inside job,” “the Bilderbergers eat babies,” “Sandy Hook used crisis actors,” etc.), but I never forgot that they were right about many things. Key among those things they were right about were that: 

1). Atheism and Marxism tend to go together. Because there is no hope of heaven on atheism, every effort must be made by the atheist/marxist to create a worldly utopia here on earth. Most of them have learned to not use inflammatory self-descriptions like “communist” and “marxist”, but if you track the way they think and act over time, you see it fairly clearly. These folks (including many living in the US and working for the IS gov’t.) want a global marxist utopia, and they see the superpower of the USA as the primary obstacle (they don’t care for Israel much, either), so they’d like it to go away.

2). For many marxists, The Cold War didn’t really end. What happened in 1989 was merely a tactical retreat. There was a group of international marxists known as “Comintern” which supposedly disbanded in 1943, but since their marxism-promoting activities continued to unfold worldwide thereafter, it appears that they merely went underground. Their goal appears to be a marxist global government. Let’s call this group the “MG’s” (“Marxist Globalists”).

3). Marxism has two fronts: open revolution (as we saw in the USSR, China, Cuba, etc.), and what is called “The Long March Through The Institutions,” in which they insinuate themselves into Academia and The Media and attempt to foment ideological change “from within.” They have been working on this in America for over 100 years now (see: “The Fabian Socialists”) and “The Frankfurt School),” and we’re seeing the result in our young people rioting, looting, burning other peoples’ property down, and murdering “for justice,” and deeply deluded entities like “Christianity Today” buckling down onto their knees in editorial deference to a marxist, racist, terrorist anti-Christian organization, and signing up to pay “reparations” to non-victims for things they actually never have done. So in one fell swoop, they’ve born false witness against their neighbors and others who aren’t here to defend themselves, thrown fuel on the fire of a violent, deceitful, destructive mob movement, and supported a massive redistribution of wealth based on fiction, which is unbiblical on multiple levels. Thirty years ago the average American would’ve been ready to fight you if you called them a Marxist. Now we’re at the point where one of the country’s preeminent Christian organizations is openly accommodating the tenets of Marxism! Clearly a strong spirit of cowardice is in the air.

4). Pandemic lockdowns are an ideal means of obtaining control over societies, as they instantaneously deprive all citizens of key fundamental rights (always “temporarily,” but often extended ad infinitum). They also convert a substantial portion of the culture into busybody narcs, who then turn around and report on occasional lapses of conformity like a shadow police force

Marxist globalists both within and outside of the United States have been working on a global plan similar to “The Green New Deal” called “The Great Reset” (away from Capitalism). It’s sponsors include the WHO, the UN, the WEF, the IMF, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Johns Hopkins University, George Soros, Prince Charles, etc. (all the usual suspects). They plan to exercise this effort in January of 2021. They’ve been keeping pretty low-key about this until finally today Time magazine issued a huge, comprehensive spiel about it.

What’s behind all the conspiracy boogiemen (The Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie Foundations, The Bilderbergers, The Illuminati, The Trilateral Commission, The Rothchilds, etc.)? 

The “one ring” that rules them all is the atheist/marxist worldview! 

No secret meetings are required, as these individuals have each been brainwashed in their own way, and has self-selected into this project individually. Therefore going into conspiracy theories with specific, extravagant and unproven details like Qanon or Infowars are very potentially problematic, and completely unnecessary. If we are careful about which sources of information we imbibe, and attempt to disprove each new hypothesis arising in our minds, we can follow something akin to The Scientific Method in making our best inference as to what’s occurring. 

With regard to The Cloward-Piven Strategy mentioned above, I haven’t heard of anybody admitting to specifically that that’s what they’re up to, but as Jesus reminded us, “by their fruits you shall know them.” I certainly see those sorts of “fruits” everywhere lately. If you include the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare to our national debt picture, we are in hock to the tune of hundreds of trillions. We’re barely keeping up with our CURRENT debt payments; how are we going to survive them when interest rates go up?! And yet the attitude in DC (especially from the blue party) is “spend, spend, spend!” I know that The Federal Reserve is full of cultural marxist types, and it’s very hard for me to believe the advanced economic minds haven’t projected out what we are being set up for. On the current trajectory, our economic ‘spine’ will be snapped. Folks who believe they have a ‘severed economic spine’ might be more open to a ‘bailout’ by global entities such as the WEF, IMF, etc. And of course, any such arrangment would have massive ‘strings’ attached such that our national sovereignty would take a substantial downgrade. These thoughts are merely speculations, but I think they are worth thinking deeply about. Another suspicious thing recently is that Russia, China and many other countries have begun acquiring mass quantities of gold this year, yet the US is not, as apparently The Fed doesn’t think it’s necessary for us. Throughout history, especially in times of pandemics, wars, etc. gold has been the world’s greatest storer of value. Why wouldn’t we be stocking up likewise? If there is a good, non-creepy explanation for that, I’d like to hear it. Meanwhile, it feels we are wandering into a relatively vulnerable position here.  

With regard to “The Great Reset,” we can be fairly certain about what is going on because they have admitted it in their own words. Under global Marxism, Christianity will be suppressed. A recent study of civilizations determined that there has never been a Marxist government in which Christians were not suppressed. This is not the type of future anyone in America — especially Christians who are commanded to love our neighbors — should be hoping for (or voting for). 


About the Author

By Steve Williams

Steve Williams is the author of What Your Atheist Professor Doesn’t know (But Should), and a Reasonable Faith chapter director in Hawaii.