Tim Stratton’s Origin Story

In this short video Tim Stratton explains why he, as a youth pastor, felt led to dive into the deeper waters of apologetics. These events did not just transform Stratton’s life, but also provided the catalyst which ultimately launched FreeThinking Ministries!

Like every good origin story, Tim found a wise mentor  who would train him to think logically and to defend the truth of Christianity. All these years later, Stratton and his colleagues at FTM are focused on equipping others to do the same.

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The Need for Apologetics in the Local Church

By Maggie Hendrick

Apologetics, when done with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15), is beneficial in evangelism as we see the Holy Spirit use it time and time again in the Scriptures through Paul’s “reasoning” and “persuading” to draw souls to the Lord.  However, in this article, I will show how apologetics in the local church has other … Continue reading The Need for Apologetics in the Local Church

Craig v. White: A Lay Person’s Perspective

I am not a Calvinist.  I am not a Molinist.  I am not an Arminian. However, my life, theology, and ministry has been shaped by giants of the faith in all three of these realms.  Two such giants joined Justin Brierley to discuss which position best explains the problem of evil from a theological perspective … Continue reading Craig v. White: A Lay Person’s Perspective

A Knowledge Too Big for James White

Chuck McWhirter

Recently I watched a video of James White explaining why middle knowledge is man’s attempt to explain God’s sovereignty while preserving man’s autonomy. There is an extended version that you can get here (click here) and a shorter version that you can get here (click here). After listening to the shorter version, I was left … Continue reading A Knowledge Too Big for James White

A Meme Is Worth 1000 Words

Dr. James White claims that Psalm 33 is biblical evidence of exhaustive divine determinism (EDD) and reason to reject the idea that humans possess libertarian freedom. In 2018 Tyson James published an article here on the FreeThinking Ministries website suggesting otherwise. At the end of 2021 James White made two videos in response to Tyson’s … Continue reading A Meme Is Worth 1000 Words

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Determinism Refuted Philosophically

Drs. Leighton Flowers, Braxton Hunter, and Tim Stratton (Team USA) come together to refute the French Calvinistic philosopher, Guillaume Bignon’s most recent broadcast on the Revealed Apologetic broadcast hosted by Eli Ayala, in which Bignon brings arguments against Flowers, Hunter, and Stratton’s libertarian perspectives (click here).

Bignon affirms “Theistic Determinism,” the audacious belief that God causally determines all things, including all your choices, desires, thoughts, beliefs, and actions; but yet, mysteriously we are still morally and rationally accountable for those choices, desires, thoughts, beliefs, and actions (ie “Calvinistic Compatibilism”).

Our response is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Determinism refuted Biblically (Hosted by Dr. Flowers at Soteriology 101)

Part 2: Determinism refuted Theologically (Hosted by Dr. Hunter at Trinity Radio)

Part 3: Determinism refuted Philosophically (Hosted by Dr. Stratton at Free Thinking Ministries)

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