Tim Stratton’s Origin Story

In this short video Tim Stratton explains why he, as a youth pastor, felt led to dive into the deeper waters of apologetics. These events did not just transform Stratton’s life, but also provided the catalyst which ultimately launched FreeThinking Ministries!

Like every good origin story, Tim found a wise mentor  who would train him to think logically and to defend the truth of Christianity. All these years later, Stratton and his colleagues at FTM are focused on equipping others to do the same.

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Jesus: Santa Claus for Adults?

It’s common for atheists to be a “Grinch” over the Holidays and exclaim that Jesus is just a “Santa Claus for adults!” When I hear that claim, I immediately respond with a question: “What do you mean by that?” If one means that children often believe in fictional fairy tales and adults believe in fact-based evidence, … Continue reading Jesus: Santa Claus for Adults?

Miracles, the Historical Method, and a Merry Christmas

By Anastasia Wood

This year, I have the privilege of studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. While Scotland is now considered one of the more secular places on earth, it has a rich history of Christianity dating back to perhaps the early third century. So naturally, I made sure to enroll in Edinburgh University’s History of Christianity as a … Continue reading Miracles, the Historical Method, and a Merry Christmas

An Evidentialist Review of Jason Lisle’s The Ultimate Proof of Creation

By David Pallman

A number of years ago, Christian astrophysicist and young earth creationist Dr. Jason Lisle wrote a book entitled The Ultimate Proof of Creation (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2009). The book is a creative introduction to presuppositional apologetics (hereafter PA) but from the perspective of the debate over origins. The aim of the book is … Continue reading An Evidentialist Review of Jason Lisle’s The Ultimate Proof of Creation

Reaching Reliable Beliefs

Question: Dr. Stratton, in your book you point out that if our thoughts and beliefs are causally determined by physics and chemistry, then they are not reliable. I agree since physics and chemistry are not intentionally aimed at true beliefs. However, related to that, you also say that even if God casually determines all of … Continue reading Reaching Reliable Beliefs

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Determinism Refuted Philosophically

Drs. Leighton Flowers, Braxton Hunter, and Tim Stratton (Team USA) come together to refute the French Calvinistic philosopher, Guillaume Bignon’s most recent broadcast on the Revealed Apologetic broadcast hosted by Ely Ayala, in which Bignon brings arguments against Flowers, Hunter, and Stratton’s libertarian perspectives (click here).

Bignon affirms “Theistic Determinism,” the audacious belief that God causally determines all things, including all your choices, desires, thoughts, beliefs, and actions; but yet, mysteriously we are still morally and rationally accountable for those choices, desires, thoughts, beliefs, and actions (ie “Calvinistic Compatibilism”).

Our response is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Determinism refuted Biblically (Hosted by Dr. Flowers at Soteriology 101)

Part 2: Determinism refuted Theologically (Hosted by Dr. Hunter at Trinity Radio)

Part 3: Determinism refuted Philosophically (Hosted by Dr. Stratton at Free Thinking Ministries)

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