Objections to Molinistic Monergism

Recently a committed Calvinist sought to interact with me regarding the model I have offered showing how Molinism can be completely monergistic (See A Molinistic Model of Monergism). That is to say, the model of Molinism I have offered shows how God is the author of salvation from beginning to end and man plays no … Continue reading Objections to Molinistic Monergism

A Molinistic Model of Monergism

Many reformed folks (freely?) choose to reject Molinism because they contend that this theological view “smells of synergism.” What is this stench that reportedly makes John Calvin turn over in his grave? Simply put, synergism is the view that man plays at least a small part in his own salvation process. Monergism, on the other hand, … Continue reading A Molinistic Model of Monergism

The Monergistic Molinist

Synergism and Monergism; these are two of the foremost contested doctrines in the Theological arena today. Despite popular belief, I will demonstrate that one can affirm Molinism whilst synergistically affirming Monergism (pun intended). As per John Hendryx, Synergism is: [t]he doctrine that there are two efficient agents in regeneration, namely the human will and the … Continue reading The Monergistic Molinist

How God Shows No Partiality In Relation to Salvation

A few questions in relation to the issue of God’s sovereignty and human freedom have piqued interest in numerous individuals through the ages and provided ample amount in debate material. One of these debated matters centers around whether God is a respecter of persons if he chooses to damn some while saving others. Now without … Continue reading How God Shows No Partiality In Relation to Salvation