My Journey to Molinism

My journey to Molinism might be unique. In talking with others who adhere to Molinsim and studying this view for a couple of years or so, I discovered many Molinists today seem to have been won over by its extremely strong philosophical arguments. However, I had a different experience. I was primarily convinced of Molinism for theological … Continue reading My Journey to Molinism

Questions for Calvinists

I used to be a 5-point Calvinist! Not only did I hold to each petal of the TULIP, I also rejected the idea that humanity possessed libertarian freedom in any form or fashion. I held to the position that not only did God causally determine salvation and damnation, but also that God causally determined everything. … Continue reading Questions for Calvinists

Mero Molinismo: Probando los Dos Pilares

Los cristianos están de acuerdo como en desacuerdo en varios problemas teológicos. A pesar de estas diferencias en ciertos puntos, lo que mantiene a los cristianos unidos es lo que C. S. Lewis se refiere como “Mero Cristianismo”. Manteniéndolo en “mero” significa concentrarse en una simple declaración: “Dios resucitó a Jesús de entre los muertos”. … Continue reading Mero Molinismo: Probando los Dos Pilares

Mere Molinism: Proving the Two Pillars

Christians both agree and disagree on several theological issues. Despite these differences on certain points, what keeps Christians united is what C.S. Lewis referred to as “Mere Christianity.” Keeping it “mere” means focusing on the one simple statement: “God raised Jesus from the dead.” If this one proposition is true, then Mere Christianity is true as … Continue reading Mere Molinism: Proving the Two Pillars