¿La verdad objetiva se aplica a la moralidad? Esta pregunta tiene importantes ramificaciones dependiendo de cómo la respondas porque básicamente pregunta, “¿EXISTE DIOS?”, Podemos ver esto demostrado a través del uso de la lógica en un silogismo deductivo conocido como “El Argumento Moral”. [1] Aquí está: 1- Si Dios no existe, los valores y deberes … Continue reading Un DEBER De Un SER

If Evolution is True, Atheism is False

Atheists often appeal to evolution in an attempt to explain the primate complexity we observe today without a need for an Intelligent Designer — God! Indeed, many say the reason they affirm atheism is because they believe evolution is true. Since their hypothesis does not include God as a designer, atheists feel justified in affirming that God … Continue reading If Evolution is True, Atheism is False

God's Origin Story

God’s Origin Story

In my last article, I compared superhero origin stories to the beginning of the universe. Every superhero needs an origin story, and so does the universe. We need a reason why it exists. I argued the best explanation is a God who caused the universe to come into existence. But doesn’t that just push the … Continue reading God’s Origin Story

If You Think Racism is Wrong, You Should be a Christian

In my four decades or so on earth, I do not remember race relations being so tense as they are today! Although I was raised in a small and mostly “white” town in central Nebraska, my parents always taught me that all human beings are created equal in the image of God and that the … Continue reading If You Think Racism is Wrong, You Should be a Christian

Lebronogetics: Who is the GOAT?

Over the last few years a storm has been brewing. This storm that rumbles throughout public forums of debate, social media, gymnasiums, church parking lots, school lunchrooms, and barber shops across the globe comes in the form of a question.  One question has captivated the hearts and minds of the people—Who is the Greatest of … Continue reading Lebronogetics: Who is the GOAT?

An Updated Contingency Argument

As the title suggests, what I’ll be presenting is an updated version of the argument from contingency. This version is heavily inspired by the work of Joshua Rasmussen, so, if this piques your interest, I recommend looking into his two papers on the subject. Why an updated version? Two reasons. First, this version utilizes weaker … Continue reading An Updated Contingency Argument

Doesn’t Science Disprove God?


Why Evil & Suffering (w/ Power Point)

The “Lex Luthor” quote I referred to in my sermon was referring to a short video clip we watched prior to my talk. Lex Luthor’s comments were made to Superman in the “Batman v Superman” movie. He said, “If God is all-powerful, then He cannot be all-good, and if He is all-good, then He cannot be … Continue reading Why Evil & Suffering (w/ Power Point)

Counter Intuitive Truths: Easing the Pain When Loved Ones Die

“Pain,” or “evil” is a tough part of life, but the reason no prominent philosopher defends the logical “problem of pain” any more (ie: that pain proves God doesn’t exist) is that we can’t prove that God couldn’t have purposes for it. Chaos Theory shows how incredibly subtle things can have dramatic and far-reaching ripple … Continue reading Counter Intuitive Truths: Easing the Pain When Loved Ones Die