Responding to the Movie “Calvinist” (Part 1): Total Depravity

Abstract: In the movie “Calvinist” the interviewees (ostensibly) argue in favor of the doctrine of total depravity and that it precludes libertarian free will (hereafter LFW). In this essay I demonstrate that the interviewees beg the question in favor of total depravity and for the idea that it is at odds with LFW. Introduction The … Continue reading Responding to the Movie “Calvinist” (Part 1): Total Depravity

Reformed But Not Calvinist

I consider myself to be “Reformed!” I am NOT a Calvinist! I am a Molinist! Quite often Calvinists are quick to contend that Molinism is antithetical to the Reformed movement. I adamantly disagree and so does the evidence. In fact, there is much confusion as to exactly what the word “reformed” means. As I noted … Continue reading Reformed But Not Calvinist

Happy Reformation Day!

This October 31st (2017) marks the 500 year anniversary of what is known as the Protestant Reformation. As one who considers himself to be aligned with the original Reformation movement, this is a glorious anniversary and one I am excited to celebrate! In the 16th Century, to be a part of the Reformation meant that … Continue reading Happy Reformation Day!

“But who are you, O man?” – Romans 9

Question How do you respond to a Calvinist who uses the whole “Who are you, O man…” argument based on Romans 9? I’m trying to understand better how the Molinist view holds against Calvinist arguments against libertarian free will. -Aidan Tim’s Response Thank you for the question, Aiden. This is probably one of the most popular objections … Continue reading “But who are you, O man?” – Romans 9

Does God Always Control All Things?: A Response to John Piper

John Piper is founder of and chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. For over three decades he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. Piper is the author of more than 50 books, and is one of the leading proponents of Calvinism today. I have benefited greatly from Piper’s ministry; in fact, if … Continue reading Does God Always Control All Things?: A Response to John Piper

The Monergistic Molinist

Synergism and Monergism; these are two of the foremost contested doctrines in the Theological arena today. Despite popular belief, I will demonstrate that one can affirm Molinism whilst synergistically affirming Monergism (pun intended). As per John Hendryx, Synergism is: [t]he doctrine that there are two efficient agents in regeneration, namely the human will and the … Continue reading The Monergistic Molinist

Counterfactuals & the Big Three

When talking about Molinism and its relation to the other major views of God’s sovereignty, omniscience and human freedom it seems there is much confusion on the issue of true counterfactuals of creaturely freedom (CCF’s from here on). Namely, God’s knowledge of what would be the case if circumstances were different. One of the best, most … Continue reading Counterfactuals & the Big Three

My Journey to Molinism

My journey to Molinism might be unique. In talking with others who adhere to Molinsim and studying this view for a couple of years or so, I discovered many Molinists today seem to have been won over by its extremely strong philosophical arguments. However, I had a different experience. I was primarily convinced of Molinism for theological … Continue reading My Journey to Molinism

Paul Helm Misses The Mark on Molinism: A Response to’s “Molinism 101”

Abstract: Paul Helm, a Calvinist theologian, has contributed an article to in which he presents two noteworthy objections to Molinism. First, Helm presents an internal critique of Molinism purporting to show that Libertarian Free Will (LFW) undermines God’s providential control over the world. Second, Helm argues that Molinism is incompatible with the doctrine of … Continue reading Paul Helm Misses The Mark on Molinism: A Response to’s “Molinism 101”

Questions for Calvinists

I used to be a 5-point Calvinist! Not only did I hold to each petal of the TULIP, I also rejected the idea that humanity possessed libertarian freedom in any form or fashion. I held to the position that not only did God causally determine salvation and damnation, but also that God causally determined everything. … Continue reading Questions for Calvinists