The Monergistic Molinist

Synergism and Monergism; these are two of the foremost contested doctrines in the Theological arena today. Despite popular belief, I will demonstrate that one can affirm Molinism whilst synergistically affirming Monergism (pun intended). As per John Hendryx, Synergism is: [t]he doctrine that there are two efficient agents in regeneration, namely the human will and the … Continue reading The Monergistic Molinist

Counterfactuals & the Big Three

When talking about Molinism and its relation to the other major views of God’s sovereignty, omniscience and human freedom it seems there is much confusion on the issue of true counterfactuals of creaturely freedom (CCF’s from here on). Namely, God’s knowledge of what would be the case if circumstances were different. One of the best, most … Continue reading Counterfactuals & the Big Three

My Journey to Molinism

My journey to Molinism might be unique. In talking with others who adhere to Molinsim and studying this view for a couple of years or so, I discovered many Molinists today seem to have been won over by its extremely strong philosophical arguments. However, I had a different experience. I was primarily convinced of Molinism for theological … Continue reading My Journey to Molinism

Paul Helm Misses The Mark on Molinism: A Response to’s “Molinism 101”

Abstract: Paul Helm, a Calvinist theologian, has contributed an article to in which he presents two noteworthy objections to Molinism. First, Helm presents an internal critique of Molinism purporting to show that Libertarian Free Will (LFW) undermines God’s providential control over the world. Second, Helm argues that Molinism is incompatible with the doctrine of … Continue reading Paul Helm Misses The Mark on Molinism: A Response to’s “Molinism 101”

Questions for Calvinists

I used to be a 5-point Calvinist! Not only did I hold to each petal of the TULIP, I also rejected the idea that humanity possessed libertarian freedom in any form or fashion. I held to the position that not only did God causally determine salvation and damnation, but also that God causally determined everything. … Continue reading Questions for Calvinists

Molinism is Biblical: Rejoinding the Reformed Rejoinder

A Facebook friend of mine and I have had a respectful debate regarding Molinism and Calvinism over the past few days. Sean Luke is a committed Calvinist as I used to be for over a decade. I freely chose to leave the Calvinist camp several years ago for several reasons (or God causally determined me to stop being … Continue reading Molinism is Biblical: Rejoinding the Reformed Rejoinder

Ephesians 1:4: How Calvinistic Exegesis is Logically Impossible

In another article found on, Tim Stratton has argued why “Calvinism is Impossible.” By “impossible” Stratton means logically impossible when held alongside other essential Christian doctrines. I would like to continue in that line of thought and examine a common Calvinistic proof text. Consider Ephesians 1:4 (KJV): According as he hath chosen us in him before … Continue reading Ephesians 1:4: How Calvinistic Exegesis is Logically Impossible

Molinism is Biblical: A Response to a Calvinist Objector

I recently published an article entitled, “Molinism is Biblical” the morning of June 8th. That same morning a response article was written, published, and shared on my Facebook wall by Sean Luke, a self-proclaimed Calvinist who took exception to my biblical exegesis. My article referenced several passages of scripture that seem to contradict common Calvinistic … Continue reading Molinism is Biblical: A Response to a Calvinist Objector

Molinism is Biblical

Question Dear Tim, I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles on Molinism. I think Molinism is a great theological philosophy, but it seems to be nothing but a philosophy. I don’t see how Molinism could be called a biblical view at all; where are the scriptures supporting Molinism? I simply don’t see any. Because Calvinism seems to own the … Continue reading Molinism is Biblical

Dear Dr. Welty,

Dear Dr. Welty, Tim Stratton recently wrote an article critiquing your essay in Calvinism and the Problem of Evil. Since that time, you wrote a response to Stratton on your website and Stratton responded with a well-written counter-rebuttal to your response entitled “Gunslingers & Guilty Minds.” As a lawyer who deals with “guilty minds” on a … Continue reading Dear Dr. Welty,