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By Mike "MoonDog" Burnette


July 12, 2017

Guess what the number one reason is that people don’t listen to you or keep listening to you: they have a life!

Yes, this might come as a surprise, but other people actually have other things to do and other places to be that do not necessarily concern you. You don’t take precedence on their priority list of relationships.

Furthermore, our mind is under attack! It’s a perpetual information battle that requires you, as a messenger, to think of creative ways to cut through and successfully communicate in a hyper- overcommunicated society. On the other hand, as a consumer you just can’t keep pace with the current tsunami of information. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt,

“Every two days we create as much information as we did up to 2003.”

So, we are in a state of information overload, but I am egotistical enough to believe I can get you to listen to MY unique messages and music on MoonDog Radio.

The large amounts of information available inevitably require us to be extremely selective with what we allow into our entertainment and information circle of trust and consumption. We know what we find valuable and none of us likes to be sold something else–but, we might be sold if the person is generous, informative, funny, exciting, and/or inspiring. Many of us just don’t want more information and will not open our eyes and ears long enough to absorb it unless the headline tells us it’s important. If we don’t consider it important we develop blocking defense mechanisms through exposure, attention, and retention. We hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and may not care what you think evil is.

So, how do you enlarge your circle of trust and consumption? You trust a person for one simple reason: R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P.

Relationships happen one authentic engagement at a time. That’s the way it has always been. It’s how you start friendships, find your significant other, grow families, achieve greatness, and discover God.

I could go down a list of what it takes to find the authentic communicator within yourself; preparation, concentration, moderation, unique selling propositions, image building techniques, message mapping, body language, pacing, tone, flagging, etc., but it all boils down to a relationship with a person who has a reason to trust you or be trusted.

I grew-up in a military family for 20-years and served in the U.S. Air Force as an American Forces Radio and Television broadcaster for 26-years; mostly a DJ doing morning radio shows. Every 3-years I learned to develop new relationships; whether I was in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan or in 9 different states across America. I quickly learned who I could trust and developed relationships. Who can I trust to fix my hooptie? Where are the best restaurants? Who can cut hair? Is there a healthy local church I can attend? Who should I trust as a spiritual guide? There are a lot of choices that require rational justification.

On 15 March 2015 I started MoonDog Radio as a station for Unsigned and Independent Contemporary Christian Music, but it’s more than that. The music is better than ever, but it’s also a place to entertain, inform, and have a relationship with believers. I could just play music for myself at home, but I like getting to know friends like Tim Stratton, Holland Davis, William Lane Craig, Kevin Harris, Michael Licona, MaryJo Sharp, David Baggett, Kyle Strobel, Cindee Martin Morgan, and the late Gretchen Passantino.

I get to know the artists too, like Kish Moody, Liz Vice, Nate Jackson, My Brother’s Keeper, Chelsea Nogas, Beautiful Eulogy, Ian Yates, Freedom Church London, Jonathan Turner, Ya Boy Shadow, Abnormal Sunday, Lost N Found, Bruh Mike, ENON, DPB, Wax Panel, Arhur Ward — and literally hundreds of artists you won’t hear on mainstream Christian radio. I’m taking a lot of chances and making a lot of mistakes–thanks for being a friend.

Thank you for listening! I know it is God who provides us opportunities, resources, and the foundation for all our relationships! In fact, according to Jesus, personal relationships with God and other people is what life is all about. My prayer is that MoonDog Radio provides a resource where these relationships can flourish.

– Mike “MoonDog” Burnette

Note from Tim:

I spent years touring as a bass player in several independent Christian bands (click here for video evidence). I have a special place in my heart for what Mike is doing for these artists who are working hard to impact lives with the gospel message that ROCKS!

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By Mike "MoonDog" Burnette