The Kalam: An Overview & Defense

By Ronald Cram

William Lane Craig is famous for resurrecting and defending the Kalam Cosmological Argument (KCA). The argument appeals to both philosophical and scientific evidence for the beginning of the universe. If the Kalam is sound, it seems to prove the existence of God. The question is raised: Is the argument sound given our modern, scientific understanding … Continue reading The Kalam: An Overview & Defense

Does “Draw” Only Mean “Irresistible Dragging”?

By Johnny Sakr

Tim Stratton’s two recent articles entitled, Confusing Bible Verses, Free Will, & Determinism (Part 1, and Part 2) have sparked much discussion among the theologically inclined on social media over the past couple of weeks. Here is a conversation I had providing further illumination: Calvinist: What about John 6:44 that specifically says that no one can … Continue reading Does “Draw” Only Mean “Irresistible Dragging”?


By Emily Stevens

It was my first visit to Disneyland. I had been on numerous rides and was overwhelmed by the general atmosphere of the place (actually, I pretty much hate Disney, but will still go along with my friends and if I can get in for a steeply discounted price). I was almost to the front of … Continue reading ZOMBIES!!!

USA’s Founders Had Christianity in Mind (Part II: Jefferson)

By Steve Williams

While we were milling around prior to the Richard Dawkins speech I wrote about in part one, I spotted the notorious Mitch Kahle, probably Oahu’s most publicity-seeking atheist (some will remember him being marched/dragged out of the Hawaii State Capital after interrupting opening prayers in 2010). Mitch has an intolerant organization called “Hawaii Citizens for … Continue reading USA’s Founders Had Christianity in Mind (Part II: Jefferson)

“Logic is False”

By Ryan Wellington

To even suppose that logic is false is to utter gibberish: 1. Logic is not a proposition that expresses a truth value; rather, it is merely the form that expresses true or false propositions. Logic cannot, itself, be called “false.” 2. A rejection of the laws of logic actually affirms the laws of logic. If … Continue reading “Logic is False”

USA’s Founders Had Christianity in Mind (Part I: Washington)

By Steve Williams

A friend invited me to see atheism evangelist Richard Dawkins speak at Aloha Tower recently. At some point while we were sitting there, I read the flier for the event, which falsely claimed America had a secular founding. “This is amazing!” I thought to myself; “just last night at another presentation somebody was trying to … Continue reading USA’s Founders Had Christianity in Mind (Part I: Washington)

Counter Intuitive Truths: Easing the Pain When Loved Ones Die

by Steve Williams

“Pain,” or “evil” is a tough part of life, but the reason no prominent philosopher defends the logical “problem of pain” any more (ie: that pain proves God doesn’t exist) is that we can’t prove that God couldn’t have purposes for it. Chaos Theory shows how incredibly subtle things can have dramatic and far-reaching ripple … Continue reading Counter Intuitive Truths: Easing the Pain When Loved Ones Die

A Pastor’s Toolkit: Apologetics as Discipleship

Maybe I’m the only one, but I find myself swinging back and forth between panic and complacency whenever I hear this: upwards of 70% of young people leave the faith in their 20s. Maybe even more.  At this point, this isn’t news. “70%” has become the harsh reality hanging over pastor’s heads. We convince ourselves … Continue reading A Pastor’s Toolkit: Apologetics as Discipleship

Can One Be Both a Calvinist and a Molinist?

By Kirk MacGregor

Can one be both a Calvinist and a Molinist? Many Reformed Christians have deemed this an impossibility, while some prominent Reformed philosophers like Alvin Plantinga and Del Ratzsch profess to be simultaneously Calvinists and Molinists. The answer to the question likely depends on what one means by Molinism. If by Molinism one means agreement with … Continue reading Can One Be Both a Calvinist and a Molinist?

A Pastor’s Toolkit: How Beliefs Are Formed

When I was in Bible college, I remember sitting in my homiletics class learning how to structure a sermon, how to study for a sermon, what to say, how to say it, watching my hand gestures and facial expressions, and creating the “big idea.” We learned a lot, but I remember one question that never … Continue reading A Pastor’s Toolkit: How Beliefs Are Formed

Answering the Watchtower

By Tommy Cunningham

Most people in America have encountered the Jehovah’s Witnesses at least once. They are famous for their door-to-door proselytizing in which they come across as disciples spreading the good news of Christianity. While the Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves a Christian denomination, their key doctrines do not agree with the orthodox views of Christianity. Over the course … Continue reading Answering the Watchtower

Molinism, Identity, & Worlds

By Randy Everist

Is Molinism truly compatible with the idea of persons in other possible worlds? Can it really be possible that there is a counterfactual truth about me such that “If I were born in the 18th century, I would have sided with the American colonials against the British”?

Do Computers Think Creatively?

By Jonathan Bartlett

In his essays on “Robots and Rationality” and the “Chinese Room,” Tim Stratton pointed to why it is unreasonable to think of machines and computers as being rational beings. One of his primary points is that rationality requires understanding and intentionality, two things that machines do not have. In this article, I want to tackle … Continue reading Do Computers Think Creatively?

Apologetics is Not For The Heart

Growing up, my Dad taught me apologetics. He was really excited about it, and good at it too. As someone who studied under Norman Geisler at Southern Evangelical Seminary, my Dad got some of the best training out there. As a result, He taught me a lot of what I now know. I found myself … Continue reading Apologetics is Not For The Heart

Believing in God in the Face of Suffering

By Trevor Ray Slone (aka, The Messed Up Apologist)

I asked a friend of mine to explain to me exactly why he is a Christian and why he strives to live in a manner that honors God. Specifically, I asked him this question because I have seen him experience more pain and suffering than most people will ever face. Through his journey of affliction, I’ve … Continue reading Believing in God in the Face of Suffering

How NOT to Start a Religion!

By Shawn White

So, you want to create your own religion, eh? Well, good for you; you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give you a checklist of things to be sure to avoid so that you will get started on the right foot. Be prepared to have the masses follow you as you gain wealth untold! Practically … Continue reading How NOT to Start a Religion!