Five Good Arguments from Five Good Apologists

By Tony Vance

Have you ever encountered an atheist, agnostic, or skeptic of your Christian faith? Perhaps you have had doubts and questions. Maybe you are an atheist or an agnostic. This article is dedicated to those looking for a handful of arguments pointing to the existence of God and for those who are interested in investigating the evidence. This article is also … Continue reading Five Good Arguments from Five Good Apologists

How God Shows No Partiality In Relation to Salvation

By Phillip A. Mast

A few questions in relation to the issue of God’s sovereignty and human freedom have piqued interest in numerous individuals through the ages and provided ample amount in debate material. One of these debated matters centers around whether God is a respecter of persons if he chooses to damn some while saving others. Now without … Continue reading How God Shows No Partiality In Relation to Salvation

The Eclipse & the Crucifixion of Jesus

By Dr. David Oldham

There is a growing excitement in the US about the unique opportunity on August 21, 2017, to see a total solar eclipse, the first opportunity on American soil for 38 years. Air transportation, motel reservations, and car rentals have seen a surge in business in cities located along the path where the eclipse will be … Continue reading The Eclipse & the Crucifixion of Jesus

Book Review: Dictionary of Christianity and Science

By Shannon Eugene Byrd

Paul Copan, Tremper Longman III, Christopher L. Reese, and Michael G. Strauss have put together a monstrous dictionary that seeks to investigate the interaction between science and the Christian faith. Methodology The scope of the dictionary is very wide-ranging and accessible to interested laypeople and experts alike. Over 140 leading scholars have contributed essays. The dictionary has three types of … Continue reading Book Review: Dictionary of Christianity and Science

Objections to Objective Morality

By Cole James

I took a philosophy class while I was in college. The topic of this class was on contemporary moral issues, so you know we got into some heated topics. I heard every objection under the sun to objective morality. Everything from it was not very “tolerant,” to different cultures act differently so therefore there cannot be … Continue reading Objections to Objective Morality

Can We Sensibly Believe in Determinism and Deliberate?

By Allen Crostic

As I reflect on the last twenty years of my life, I’m struck by how much my theological outlook has changed. This is especially the case regarding my view of Divine providence. For sixteen years, I was a theological determinist; that is to say, I believed that God causally determined everything that came to pass, … Continue reading Can We Sensibly Believe in Determinism and Deliberate?

Counterfactuals & the Big Three

By Chan Arnett

When talking about Molinism and its relation to the other major views of God’s sovereignty, omniscience and human freedom it seems there is much confusion on the issue of true counterfactuals of creaturely freedom (CCF’s from here on). Namely, God’s knowledge of what would be the case if circumstances were different. One of the best, most … Continue reading Counterfactuals & the Big Three

My Journey to Molinism

By Tony Vance

My journey to Molinism might be unique. In talking with others who adhere to Molinsim and studying this view for a couple of years or so, I discovered many Molinists today seem to have been won over by its extremely strong philosophical arguments. However, I had a different experience. I was primarily convinced of Molinism for theological … Continue reading My Journey to Molinism

Substance Dualism vs Socialism

By Chris Wilkinson

I am amazed and frightened at the acceptance of, and even downright preference for Socialism among the young adults of today. Most young adults today possess little property due to the socialist bent of our current government and our administrative state, so it is not totally unexpected that they might embrace socialism as they have comparatively nothing to lose … Continue reading Substance Dualism vs Socialism

MoonDog Radio & Relationships

By Mike "MoonDog" Burnette

Guess what the number one reason is that people don’t listen to you or keep listening to you: they have a life! Yes, this might come as a surprise, but other people actually have other things to do and other places to be that do not necessarily concern you. You don’t take precedence on their priority … Continue reading MoonDog Radio & Relationships

The Silence of God

By Dr. David Oldham

I have been a Christian for many years—since I was a teenager—and I have been a pastor for about 42 years, but I have to admit that I know so little about God. I say that not with a fake humility, but because it is true. I want—like most of believers—to have a deep relationship … Continue reading The Silence of God

The Collapse of the Anti-Modal Collapse Objections

By Shannon Eugene Byrd

Abstract: The doctrine of divine simplicity (DDS) has come under fire in recent years and shows no sign of cooling. Currently, one of the most interesting arguments against this doctrine is what has been referred to as the “modal collapse.” In this paper, I demonstrate that many of the objections raised against the argument are … Continue reading The Collapse of the Anti-Modal Collapse Objections


By Matthew Smith

Recently, there has been a great disturbance within the “Christian community.” Dr. James R. White has recently been attacked by many “Christians.” I will try to present these attacks in an honest and courteous manner. In fact, although I disagree with White on several issues, I would like to set a tone of support for … Continue reading #Molinists4JamesWhite

So you say you want a Revolution, what about Romans 13?

By Steve Williams

Many Christians believe that the first section of Romans 13 – verses 1-7 — forbids any form of resistance to government… even when it clearly goes tyrannical. If one analyzes this passage of the Bible carefully, however, as The USA’s founding fathers did, we can see that Paul was speaking in generalities in this passage, and … Continue reading So you say you want a Revolution, what about Romans 13?

CARM is at it again!

By Randy Everist

It looks like CARM is discussing Molinism again. From the first sentence, we find ambiguities that may affect the ability of a person to dissect the claims. Nonetheless, I will stipulate what I reasonably believe CARM to mean so we can move on (from here on out, I will refer to Matt Slick, since he … Continue reading CARM is at it again!

Ephesians 1:4: How Calvinistic Exegesis is Logically Impossible

By Johnny Sakr

In another article found on, Tim Stratton has argued why “Calvinism is Impossible.” By “impossible” Stratton means logically impossible when held alongside other essential Christian doctrines. I would like to continue in that line of thought and examine a common Calvinistic proof text. Consider Ephesians 1:4 (KJV): According as he hath chosen us in him before … Continue reading Ephesians 1:4: How Calvinistic Exegesis is Logically Impossible