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God Behaving Badly? – The Midianite Virgins

I was talking with a skeptic about the solution of the classic Euthyphro dilemma – God’s commands are good because God is good – and the skeptic asked, “If God commands rape, would that make rape good?” I replied that rape is an objectively evil act and therefore a good God would never command it. … Continue reading God Behaving Badly? – The Midianite Virgins

Ethnic Epistemology (Part 2): The Genetic Fallacy

So, it’s been way too long since I dropped my last article here at FTM; “Ethnic Epistemology Part 1”. My bad for leaving y’all hanging. When I initially outlined the points I wanted to cover in my Ethnic Epistemology series, I’d intended to keep it pretty simple. My goal was to address a few common … Continue reading Ethnic Epistemology (Part 2): The Genetic Fallacy

A Three-Punch Combo for Freedom

Question Dear Tim, I recently watched a short interview where you were asked for the “main indicator” of libertarian free will. You mentioned that you had several reasons to think humans possess this kind of freedom but you only elaborated on one of them. Can you please describe exactly what libertarian freedom is, provide more reasons … Continue reading A Three-Punch Combo for Freedom


Top 10 Articles of 2018

2018 is drawing to a close, and so we present to you the top 10 most read articles of the year: 10. Whoever Reads John 3:16 Can Know that “Whoever” Is Really There – Guest blogger Brian Abasciano defends the “whoever” of John 3:16 from recent attacks by Calvinist thinkers. 9. Excusing Sinners, Blaming God, Compatibilism, … Continue reading Top 10 Articles of 2018


All I Want for Christmas Is MORE

Every year I resolve to have the best Christmas ever, and every year I’m disappointed. It’s my own fault, though, because I set my expectations so high. I just love the season so much – the lights, the music, everything. I can’t ever get enough. So I think that more of everything is going to make … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas Is MORE

Christians: Persons of Faith or Knowledge?

We expect people in positions of authority to have training and experience in their respective fields. For example, I want my pilot to have knowledge of the helicopter in which I am a passenger, just as I want my surgeon to be proficient, and to know what he/she is doing before I go “under the knife!” Guessing, flipping a coin, … Continue reading Christians: Persons of Faith or Knowledge?

A Quick History Lesson

Objection: The Bible is a compendium of fire side tales and fables recounted orally for generations by goat herders and primitive tribes from the stone age, until writing was invented, and then again many different sources, transliterations, and versions were written down. There were no grand central universities to organise the many various versions of … Continue reading A Quick History Lesson

Who Is My Neighbor?: A Response to Tim Keller

A recent article by Presbyterian Pastor Tim Keller calling for an openness to both American political parties by American Christians has gained a lot of attention. Writing in the New York Times, Pastor Keller argues that the legacy of the Christian Church’s position on social issues does not fit into our contemporary political situation today. Keller writes: “What should the … Continue reading Who Is My Neighbor?: A Response to Tim Keller

Child reading Bible

Bedtime Theology

When my son William was three years old, he had a bedtime ritual. My wife and I tucked him in, we said our prayers, and then I had to lay next to him, holding his hand until he fell asleep. It was sweet and I loved that my boy enjoyed my company, but some nights … Continue reading Bedtime Theology

The One Minute Apologist & Mere Molinism

Bobby Conway is a pastor, a PhD philosopher, and the founder/host of an online ministry known as The One-Minute Apologist. His short, clear, and concise YouTube videos have been a great resource over the past several years as they always provide quick and credible answers to many of the “big questions” that have kept me awake at … Continue reading The One Minute Apologist & Mere Molinism