Chick-Fil-A and UNK

I live in a small college town in the middle of what many people refer to as, “fly-over country.” I’m glad they feel that way because I love Kearney, Nebraska and I don’t want it influenced by many of those flying over us. Kearney is a secret paradise; it is relatively safe, it has everything … Continue reading Chick-Fil-A and UNK

Logic Is Bedrock

All philosophical conversation, scientific hypotheses, mathematics, and conclusions based on the historical method entail the reality of logical laws. It would be impossible to engage in any of these disciplines if there were not logical absolutes providing parameters to help us reach conclusions that follow from given premises. Here are three fundamental Laws of Logic … Continue reading Logic Is Bedrock

Introducing FreeThinking Ministries!

Welcome to FreeThinking Ministries! We have been active in strengthening the faith of young Christians and graciously challenging non-believers around the world this past year and have just now officially launched FreeThinking Ministries is having an impact on a daily basis. Whether it be on Facebook or face-to-face, on-line or off-line, FreeThinking Ministries is … Continue reading Introducing FreeThinking Ministries!

The Apolojedi & the Power of The Force

Two of my earliest memories in life still have great significance to this day. First, in the spring of 1977 my life was transformed as I prayed and asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life. Second, just a few weeks later, I saw Star Wars in the theater. Right around the same time … Continue reading The Apolojedi & the Power of The Force

Islam vs Atheism vs Jesus

Last Friday, I watched in utter horror the news footage of the murderous attacks committed by Islamic terrorists in Paris, France. I was reminded of the attacks against America fourteen years ago and sickened by the pure evil that still exists in our world today. I had a hard time getting to sleep that night as I prayed … Continue reading Islam vs Atheism vs Jesus

Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 3

Over the past two weeks I have responded to the ESPN article on Arian Foster’s atheism here and here. I pointed out several errors in his reasoning which have led to Foster’s false beliefs. In my third and final response I will continue to examine more of his misguided statements, but I also want to … Continue reading Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 3

Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 2

Last week I offered a response to the ESPN article on Arian Foster’s atheism. I pointed out several of his errors in reasoning leading to false beliefs. I will continue to examine more of his mistakes (which many commit today) and other related issues in this article. Recent Trends The ESPN reporter referenced a recent study from … Continue reading Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 2

Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 1

Every year around this time I start thinking about football. Although I never played football (I ran cross-country), since I grew up in Nebraska, football has always been my favorite sport to watch (I am also a huge NBA and MMA fan). This time of the year also means Fantasy Football and I begin to question who … Continue reading Arian Foster’s Atheism: Part 1

Faith vs. Knowledge

Can Faith Ever Be Knowledge? This is the title and central question to the first chapter of Knowing Christ Today, by Dallas Willard.[1] The questions addressed in this précis will include the following: are Christians more than just “people of faith,” but are we also “people of knowledge?” What is the distinction, and does it even matter? … Continue reading Faith vs. Knowledge

The Abstract Dagger of Platonism

Recently, there has been much debate amongst philosophers and theologians regarding an issue that most people have probably never paid much attention to: Abstract Objects![1] William Lane Craig is at odds with many of his colleagues (such as J.P. Moreland and R. Scott Smith), regarding the existence of abstract objects in the mind-independent world. In … Continue reading The Abstract Dagger of Platonism