Reformed But Not Calvinist

I consider myself to be “Reformed!” I am NOT a Calvinist! I am a Molinist! Quite often Calvinists are quick to contend that Molinism is antithetical to the Reformed movement. I adamantly disagree and so does the evidence. In fact, there is much confusion as to exactly what the word “reformed” means. As I noted … Continue reading Reformed But Not Calvinist

Happy Reformation Day!

This October 31st (2017) marks the 500 year anniversary of what is known as the Protestant Reformation. As one who considers himself to be aligned with the original Reformation movement, this is a glorious anniversary and one I am excited to celebrate! In the 16th Century, to be a part of the Reformation meant that … Continue reading Happy Reformation Day!

The Relevance of Irresistible Grace

Question Dear Tim Stratton (fantastic first name! ūüėČ ), I happened across your argument against irresistible grace, and I was curious if you’d be interested in interacting with me about it.¬†As you know, the argument looks like this:

“But who are you, O man?” – Romans 9

Question How do you respond to a Calvinist who uses the whole “Who are you, O man…” argument based on¬†Romans 9?¬†I’m trying to understand better how the Molinist view holds against Calvinist arguments against libertarian free will. -Aidan Tim’s Response Thank you for the question, Aiden. This is probably one of the most popular objections … Continue reading “But who are you, O man?” – Romans 9

Awesome Advice for Aspiring Apologists

“Never get stumped by the same question twice!” I first received this advice from Sean McDowell in 2010.¬†I listened to him speak about apologetics and the importance of this branch of theology at the Challenge Youth Conference that summer in Columbus, Ohio. I was a youth pastor at that time and my students had been … Continue reading Awesome Advice for Aspiring Apologists

Las Vegas & Lack of Belief

The Monday morning of October 2nd, 2017, America awoke to horrible news that some are calling “The Las Vegas Massacre.” At this early point in the investigation it seems as if a “lone wolf” booked a hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. From this elevated position, and after weeks of meticulous … Continue reading Las Vegas & Lack of Belief

Does God Always Control All Things?: A Response to John Piper

John Piper is founder of and chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. For over three decades he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. Piper is the author of¬†more than 50 books, and is one of the leading proponents of Calvinism today.¬†I have benefited greatly from Piper’s ministry; in fact, if … Continue reading Does God Always Control All Things?: A Response to John Piper

The Blacklist Binge

Flyover country! That is where I live, in a small town in middle America. Kearney, Nebraska is probably most famous for The Archway over Interstate 80, the best high school track and field team of all time (Go Bearcats!), and for being the official headquarters of both The Buckle and¬†FreeThinking Ministries! Over the past few … Continue reading The Blacklist Binge

Does Molinism Entail Fatalism?

I find it interesting that so often Calvinists complain that Molinism is nothing but dressed up Open Theism, while many Open Theists complain that Molinism is merely Calvinism in disguise! Obviously Open Theists adamantly disagree with Calvinists when they¬†conflate Molinism with Open Theism, and Calvinists typically revolt against Open Theist’s claims that Molinism and Calvinism … Continue reading Does Molinism Entail Fatalism?

“I Think, Therefore I Am” — not according to determinists!

Ren√© Descartes (1596-1650) is probably best known for his¬†Latin philosophical statement, “Cogito ergo sum.”¬†This phrase is best translated into English as “I think,¬†therefore I am.”¬†This proposition provides a strong foundation for one to build¬†further knowledge upon instead of resorting to extreme skepticism about everything. Descartes believed¬†“the very act of doubting one’s own existence served‚ÄĒat minimum‚ÄĒas … Continue reading “I Think, Therefore I Am” — not according to determinists!

If You Think Racism is Wrong, You Should be a Christian

In my four decades or so on earth, I do not remember race relations being so tense as they are today! Although I was raised in a small and mostly “white” town in central Nebraska, my parents always taught me that all human beings are created equal in the image of God and that the … Continue reading If You Think Racism is Wrong, You Should be a Christian

Ideas Have Consequences

Ideas have consequences! The thoughts and beliefs one possesses shapes the course of one’s life. They influence — if not determine — our destinies. With this in mind, it is clear that the way we choose to think is vital. Our thoughts can either set us free or enslave us. The Bible is clear that … Continue reading Ideas Have Consequences

A Molinistic Model of Monergism

Many reformed folks (freely?) choose to reject Molinism because they contend that this theological view “smells of synergism.” What is this stench that reportedly makes John Calvin turn over in his grave?¬†Simply put, synergism is the view that man plays at least a small part in his own salvation process. Monergism, on the other hand, … Continue reading A Molinistic Model of Monergism

Purposely Pursuing Perfection

I recently took up a new hobby. Yes, this might surprise you, but there is more to my life than sitting behind this laptop and churning out articles on theology and apologetics! Contrary to popular opinion, I have a somewhat balanced life! I enjoy doing CrossFit, wrestling around with my son (who is getting bigger … Continue reading Purposely Pursuing Perfection

Who Do YOU Think YOU Are?

Who are you? Many people carry identification most of the time. This is typically in the form of driver’s licenses — or passports if you are in a different country. These identification cards provide information about the person so that others can quickly know some important facts. My driver’s license, for example, provides some information … Continue reading Who Do YOU Think YOU Are?

A Revised Free Thinking Argument: Two Birds with One Stone

One thing that has always surprised me is how some Calvinists align themselves with atheists to argue against a common foe: Molinism! That is to say, many¬†Calvinists affirm that God exhaustively causally determines all things. This is not some straw man I am inventing. In his recent essay, notable Calvinist, Matthew J. Hart affirms this … Continue reading A Revised Free Thinking Argument: Two Birds with One Stone