Child reading Bible

Bedtime Theology

When my son William was three years old, he had a bedtime ritual. My wife and I tucked him in, we said our prayers, and then I had to lay next to him, holding his hand until he fell asleep. It was sweet and I loved that my boy enjoyed my company, but some nights … Continue reading Bedtime Theology

Crowd of NPCs

We’re All NPCs

It has become trendy in some circles to refer to people with certain political views as NPCs. In video game lingo, an NPC is a “nonplayable character,” a character that is not controlled by any player. They can be extremely simple or intricate and complex, but they are still mindless characters who solely follow their … Continue reading We’re All NPCs

Scientism and Secularism

Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland

J. P. Moreland is one of the most prominent Christian thinkers of our time and I’ve been greatly impacted by his works, such as Love Your God With All Your Mind and Kingdom Triangle. In his latest popular-level work, Scientism and Secularism (Crossway, 2018), Moreland addresses one of the most dangerous ideologies facing our culture … Continue reading Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland


“How Would You Respond to This?”

Once people discover that you’re a Christian thinker, they often start coming to you with all of the objections they hear: “The Bible is hopelessly corrupt.” “Jesus never existed.” “Science disproves God.” Your friends will offer you the objections and ask, “How would you respond to this?” And here is what I always say: “I … Continue reading “How Would You Respond to This?”


Why I Blog (& So Should You)

“I’m thinking about starting an apologetics blog, but what can I say that hasn’t already been said?” I asked myself this many times before I started blogging, and I’ve heard it from plenty of others as well. Also, “Do we really need another blog? Would anyone actually read it?” etc. Well, obviously I do blog, … Continue reading Why I Blog (& So Should You)

Man with Bible

How to Get Men to Church

There’s a critical gender gap problem in America: Christianity’s gender gap. Men attend church far less than women. Why? There are many reasons, from weak, whiny worship to emotions-based sermons. Church isn’t masculine, so men don’t go. So what’s the solution? Churches create “manly” ministries and boot camps, involving sports and YELLING and other macho … Continue reading How to Get Men to Church

women crying

Can Empathy Ground Morality?

One of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God is the moral argument. Basically, an objective moral law requires a Moral Lawgiver. But many skeptics still aren’t convinced. They claim that they don’t need God or some holy book to tell them how to live; they have empathy. defines empathy as “the … Continue reading Can Empathy Ground Morality?

Sherlock Holmes

Hermeneutics and Sherlock Holmes

“You see, but you do not observe.” – Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia It’s a good time to be a Sherlock Holmes fan. There have been many versions in the recent years, like the Disney movies starring Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr., and the BBC show Sherlock, featuring the awesomely-named dreamboat, Benedict Cumberbatch. … Continue reading Hermeneutics and Sherlock Holmes

The Truth Is

Book Review: The Truth Is by Steven Kozak

The Truth Is: Sharing The Truth of Jesus with Confidence, Conviction, and Compassion is the latest book by Steven Kozak, Executive Director of Awana Youth Ministries and a fellow alum of the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. He oversaw the creation of the fantastic Advocates apologetics curriculum and the forthcoming evangelism-focused Witnesses. Steve obviously … Continue reading Book Review: The Truth Is by Steven Kozak


How To Become a Better Apologetics Communicator

So you want to be an apologetics writer or speaker. Or maybe you already are one. How can you be a better communicator? Here are five quick pointers: 1. Watch Your Language No, I don’t mean profanity. I mean your vocabulary. If you’re like me, you’re immersed in the apologetics world. You read apologetics books, … Continue reading How To Become a Better Apologetics Communicator


Top 10 Articles of 2017

The results are in (actually Google Analytics, but whatever), and we now present to you the top 10 most viewed articles of 2017: 10. If Evolution is True, Atheism is False – While many atheists think that the theory of evolution disproves the existence of God, Tim Stratton argues the opposite: evolution proves atheism is … Continue reading Top 10 Articles of 2017


2017: A Year of Reviews

2017 was a good year for apologetics. Here’s a recap of all of the resources that we have reviewed throughout the year: The Story of Reality by Gregory Koukl – The year began with a fantastic book by Greg Koukl, head of Stand to Reason. Greg outlines how the Christian story is the view of … Continue reading 2017: A Year of Reviews

God looking angry

God Behaving Badly? – Destruction of the Canaanites

This is the second article in my series God Behaving Badly? where I address passages of the Bible where God seems to do some immoral things. In the introductory article, I discussed what it means for an action to be immoral, that it goes against some moral code. However, I argued that God is the … Continue reading God Behaving Badly? – Destruction of the Canaanites

Old Bible

The Canon Conspiracy

I’ve always been intrigued by conspiracy theories. New World Order, Illuminati, stuff like that. Christianity has its own share of conspiracy theories, like the existence of “lost” gospels suppressed by the Church. However, we all must wonder why the Bible contains the books that it does. What if there really are texts purposely omitted from … Continue reading The Canon Conspiracy

God looking angry

God Behaving Badly? – Introduction

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” – Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion Christians maintain that God is all-good, … Continue reading God Behaving Badly? – Introduction

God's Origin Story

God’s Origin Story

In my last article, I compared superhero origin stories to the beginning of the universe. Every superhero needs an origin story, and so does the universe. We need a reason why it exists. I argued the best explanation is a God who caused the universe to come into existence. But doesn’t that just push the … Continue reading God’s Origin Story

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