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A Pastor’s Toolkit: Apologetics as Discipleship

Maybe I’m the only one, but I find myself swinging back and forth between panic and complacency whenever I hear this: upwards of 70% of young people leave the faith in their 20s. Maybe even more.  At this point, this isn’t news. “70%” has become the harsh reality hanging over pastor’s heads. We convince ourselves … Continue reading A Pastor’s Toolkit: Apologetics as Discipleship


Should Christians Oppose Evolution?

One of my passions is to equip the church to engage the culture. There is one cultural issue in particular that keeps many from even considering the thoughts of evangelical Christians. What is this stumbling block? Evolution. When I first began dipping my toes into the apologetic waters, my primary concern and focus was arguing … Continue reading Should Christians Oppose Evolution?

Injured Dog

Gratuitous Evil & Animal Suffering

A common complaint is that unlike science, philosophy does not make any progress. This is completely false. Philosophers stand on the shoulders of giants and often improve arguments made by great thinkers of the past. Moreover, academics are often sparked by philosophers of yesteryear to craft related, but different, arguments demonstrating the way things are (ultimate reality). Alvin … Continue reading Gratuitous Evil & Animal Suffering


Can One Be Both a Calvinist and a Molinist?

By Kirk MacGregor

Can one be both a Calvinist and a Molinist? Many Reformed Christians have deemed this an impossibility, while some prominent Reformed philosophers like Alvin Plantinga and Del Ratzsch profess to be simultaneously Calvinists and Molinists. The answer to the question likely depends on what one means by Molinism. If by Molinism one means agreement with … Continue reading Can One Be Both a Calvinist and a Molinist?

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