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Introducing the Consciousness Community: Part 1

By Adam Coleman

We are all searching and seeking identity. For many it is mistakenly found in material objects, a sports team, money, or in human relationships. For African American folks, the identity crisis is coming in a virulent form that attacks their faith in Jesus Christ and their eternal lives. I have asked my colleague, Adam Coleman, to address this particular … Continue reading Introducing the Consciousness Community: Part 1


Some Reasons To Keep Concepts And Their Entailments Distinct

Some of the great features of philosophy are its emphasis on clarity of concepts, careful delineation of premises, and its logical rigor. Unfortunately, these qualities which help to secure the high quality of dialogue on the academic level are often lost on the popular level. The unfortunate result of this is that the quality of … Continue reading Some Reasons To Keep Concepts And Their Entailments Distinct


A Pastor’s Toolkit: How Beliefs Are Formed

When I was in Bible college, I remember sitting in my homiletics class learning how to structure a sermon, how to study for a sermon, what to say, how to say it, watching my hand gestures and facial expressions, and creating the “big idea.” We learned a lot, but I remember one question that never … Continue reading A Pastor’s Toolkit: How Beliefs Are Formed


Answering the Watchtower

By Tommy Cunningham

Most people in America have encountered the Jehovah’s Witnesses at least once. They are famous for their door-to-door proselytizing in which they come across as disciples spreading the good news of Christianity. While the Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves a Christian denomination, their key doctrines do not agree with the orthodox views of Christianity. Over the course … Continue reading Answering the Watchtower

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